027 Debbie Ely Member at Disney

027 Debbie Ely Member at Disney's Polynesian Villas and Bungalows and Proprietor of Vacation Club Loans

In Episode 027, we meet Debbie Ely who is not only our DVC neighbor but she also a timeshare industry insider. Debbie has worked in the timeshare industry for 20+ years and is a proud member of the Disney Vacation Club. We learn about her buying into DVC and her biggest regret as a DVC member. Hint! It's not, “I should have bought sooner.” We also learn about the history of Vacation Club Loans and how they may be of service to our fellow members.

Live 003! Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Trip Report with McNair Wilson and Terry Weaver

Join Chad, Terry and McNair for a Trip report on Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. Join and ask a former Disney Imagineer his take on Batuu! In this episode we recap our experiences at Batuu and share our thoughts and experiences. (Spoiler alert for the most part we loved the new land). We used a divide a conquer approach. While Chad secured a spot in the “scrap metal” experiment (aka build your own light saber), Terry was able to obtain a reservation for 12 at the cantina.

026 Disneyland DVC Membership Extra

026 Disneyland DVC Membership Extra's Review DVC Member Soarin' Tour, Fitness in the Park, Neighborhood Power Walk and a #CastCompliment

Chad, Jeff and Laura share their experiences about the DVC Membership Extra's in Disneyland. DVC Fitness in the Park, Neighborhood Power Walk, and Member Tour: Soarin' Around the World.

Live! 002 Animal Kingdom Kidani vs Jambo – Part 1

Air Date - June 13th, 2019 Are you #TeamKidani or #TeamJambo? In this week's show, we start our discussion of Animal Kingdom Villas - Kidani Village and Jambo House. On this week's episode, we have two special guests. Tom...

025 Looking Back at a Lifetime of Disney Vacations with Jeff Jorgensen and a Tribute to Dick and Irene Jorgensen

025 Looking Back at a Lifetime of Disney Vacations with Jeff Jorgensen and a Tribute to Dick and Irene Jorgensen

Mini-interview with Jeff Jorgensen about his family's Disney experience. The conversation continues in Episode 026. Jeff described a legacy his grandparents set in motion by taking their entire family to Disneyland every year. The conversation nails the purpose of our podcast to the point where I had to break the interview into two episodes so that I could insert post-show comments.

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