037 Live! DVC Direct Requires 100 Points to Unlock Membership Extras

My DVC Points Live! September 15, 2019
Today's Agenda:
1. Enchanted Rose at Grand Floridian
2. Shannon’s Disney On Ice Experience!
3. Gondola’s Open for Cast Member Previews
4. 100 Point Direct Minimum for Membership Extras
5. DVCinfo.com Thread of the Week by AnnaS ‘She said “yes” daughter engaged at Disney’
6. Reminder Disney Indy Meet – MWFK.org

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036 Meet Aaron DelPrince,  Indianapolis Disney Meet & Magical Wishes For Kids

036 Meet Aaron DelPrince, Indianapolis Disney Meet & Magical Wishes For Kids

Aaron DelPrince is not only a DVC Member but also the founder of Magical Wishes for Kids. The Indianapolis Disney meet is a fan gathering of theme park fans from across the midwest. MWFK.org does numerous fundraisers each year to raise money to support Give Kids the World in Kissimmee, Florida. When Make-A-Wish and over 150 other charities send a critically ill child to Disney, Give Kids the World Village hosts the families and coordinates the logistics of that event. Magical Wishes for Kids' largest event is the “Disney Indy Meet,” and it's a meetup for Disney fans from all across the mid-west. Admission is free and includes food, entertainment and discussion break out rooms.

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034 What You Need to Know about DVC and Hurricanes

034 What You Need to Know about DVC and Hurricanes

Hurricanes may not be the norm where you live; however, as DVC members, most of us own at least one timeshare in central Florida. Every time a hurricane warning comes into effect, DVC message boards light up with questions. In episode 034, we talk with DVC members about their hurricane experience. We are creating a reference page for helpful information that Disney Vacation Club Members need to know about hurricanes and Disney.

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033 Meet Derek and Marissa from DVC Resale Market

033 Meet Derek and Marissa from DVC Resale Market

Derek and Marissa are currently working as guides with DVC Resale Market. Like all of the other guides at DVC Resale Market, they were once direct guides. Derek and Marissa recap their 10+ years of friendship on the show and provide a great insight into working for DVC, working on the cruise ships. A lot of members prefer buying DVC on the cruises. There's quite a bit of buzz in the DVC community that the cruise ships offer better discounts. In this episode, we take a quick trip backstage and talk with two former guides as they recap their history with DVC, Disney Cruise Line and their transition to DVC Resale Market.

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