My DVC Points
My DVC Points
010 Franken Resort - Member Mashup Competition - Create a New DVC Resort

Have you ever had a conversation that goes along these lines?  We love this resort, but we wish it had the pool from Beach Club, the monorail from the Magic Kingdom resorts and the room layout of Old Key West.  Episode 010 is a tribute to Mary Shelly's literary classic from 1818 classic: Frankenstein.  Just as Dr. Frankenstein brought something to life from bits and pieces, we originally tasked four DVC members to create a brand new resort by incorporating elements from other resorts.  Thus the “Franken Resort” show was born.  As our members started working on the project, the lure of armchair Imagineering took over, and our members created their unique immersive resorts.

The show was so much fun to research and record that our friends and family could not keep from joining in on the fun.  We think you're going to love this episode.  To plus things up a little bit more, we wanted this to be a competition.  We are asking our listeners to vote on the best resort!

Voting is easy.  Our polls will close on December 1, 2018.  You have two options.

Option 1 – Vote on Our Website – One Vote Per Person Please!

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Option 2 – Go to our facebook page:  You'll find the four pictures below as pictures.  Once you find the post on Facebook, Click Like, Love or Share.

  • Like a Post = 1 Point
  • Love a Post = 3 Points
  • Share a Post = 5 Points

What does the winner win?

  1. A collectible pin from my upcoming trip to Disneyland.  (I might be going to Mickey's of Glendale for some elite Imagineer shopping!)
  2. Bragging rights in the My DVC Points Community Group.
  3. An invitation to join an upcoming show with a former Imagineer.  McNair Wilson, who designed Hollywood Hotel Tower of Terror, volunteered to co-host and judge the final round.  (Teaser – I'm saving Episode 013 for an interview with McNair on the Tower of Terror backstory).
Want to be on the next Franken Resort show?  Join the My DVC Points Community group on Facebook.   Post in the group, and we will get back with you.
We asked the members to research the following questions:
Resort Element #1:  Resort Name, Theme, Location, General Info
    • Name
    • Theme
    • Location
    • General Overview Info – Go a little beyond the resort design, theme and layout.  Go over a 60-second elevator speech of what your resort is and why we should stay there.
  • What Disney Characters embrace the theme of your resort?

Resort Element  #2: Restaurants – Name, Theme

    • Quick Service
    • Table Service
    • Bar & Lounge
  • Anything Extra?

Resort Element #3:  Pool – Names and Themes

    • Feature Pool
    • Pool Bar
    • Quiet Pools
  • Anything Extra?

Resort Element #4:  Room Design & Layout

    • What’s the design of your resort?  Tower, Hotel, Condo Style
    • What types of Rooms do you have?
    • What’s the room inventory composition?  How many of each type?
    • Special Design Elements of your Room?
    • How will this compare to other resorts on the point charts?   
        • Like BC, BW, BR, and CC charts?
        • More expensive than what resort?
      • Less expensive than what resort?
  • What will the seasons be?  Same as WDW?

Resort Element #5:  Transportation

    • Disney goes above and beyond here.  What transportation services will your new resort have?
    • Bus?
    • Boat?
    • Monorail?
    • Gondola?
  • Anything creative to add?

Resort Element #6:  Recreational Activities

    • DVC Generics: Campfire and Marshmallows, Poolside games, Arts and Crafts.
  • Anything to add?

Voting for this episode has closed.