My DVC Points
My DVC Points
012 Member Interview Curt Stone Owner at BLT Host of Geekin' on WDW Podcast

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In today’s episode of myDVCpoints, we sit down with Curt Stone. Curt has a long-running podcast called Geekin' on WDW where he talks all things Walt Disney World. Curt has also been a DVC owner at Bay Lake Tower since 2010.

Curt’s love for Disney started in childhood through TV specials and hearing about friends’ travels to Walt Disney World. It wasn’t until he got a chance to attend a work conference as an adult did Curt get to experience Walt Disney World for himself. On this episode, we will learn how that one conference grew his love for all things Disney.

Curt talks to us about those few first visits to Walt Disney World with his family. They began their trips by staying at non-Disney resorts then by their third trip had the opportunity to stay at the Polynesian resort and experience what a Deluxe resort was all about.

We talk about the convenient locations of Deluxe resorts to the parks. Curt also gives us some tricks on how to get the most value from your stays. Curt talks about what caused him to make the jump to a DVC member and why he chose to buy into Bay Lake Tower when it was brand new. We also discuss why a family would decide to become a DVC member instead of staying at the value resorts.


Curt talks about buying directly from Disney and the financing options available, and we discuss the pros/cons of purchasing direct versus resale. And when the best time to buy is.

We learn that Curt's favorite resorts are Polynesian, Beach Club, and Bay Lake Tower. He also talks about the importance of knowing your style and having your individual preferences when it comes to favorite resorts. As a family, being a DVC member has allowed his kids to bring friends and extended family along on Disney vacations. They love having multiple bedrooms available and being able to fit as many people into the suites as possible.

Time of year is significant when looking at planning vacations. Now that Curt's children are in college, his family has realized that they enjoy the perks of visiting Walt Disney World “off-season.” More options, using fewer points, and being able to escape the cold of his hometown are reasons at the top of Curt's list for going at different times of the year now. Curt and his wife also enjoy being able to vacation with friends and other members of the podcast community when their family isn't available.

For Curt, one thing being a Podcaster and a DVC member have in common is the sense of community both areas have. He also mentions his favorite episode, 200, which we encourage you to take a listen to as well. He would love to connect with you on his community Facebook page Geekin on WDW and his website.

Curt mentioned Episode #200 on Geekin' on WDW Podcast as his favorite.  In this show, the Geekin' family came together to create an audio quilt what they show had meant to them.  (This is seriously one of the best podcast episodes I've ever heard.  – Chad)

Curt also mentioned Episode 12 of Geekin' on WDW has a DVC focus.  Glen Kessler, a member of the Geekin' family, had questions about DVC.  Curt saw this as an opportunity to create a show because others have the same concerns.