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030 DVC Resort Armchair Imagineering Competition #3 (Part 1 of 2)

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Does Disney inspire your inner creative? As DVC members, we love our resorts and have often dreamed about building a new resort. In episode 030 and episode 031, we give members the opportunity to share their creativity as they dream up new resort ideas on our armchair Imagineering competition. After listening to the episodes please vote for your favorite resort! The winner will advance to a celebrity round with former Disney Imagineer McNair Wilson. Who will win episode 030 and episode 031? Will the Haunted Mansion inspired resort edge out the Villain's Getaway? Will the listeners prefer the luxury of the Skyline Resort and Spa?

This is the third round of our FrankenResort competition. The winner of this show will join Valerie Fairnington from episode 010, Melissa from episode 020. Adam and Jeremey started working on their resorts as soon as episode 010 was released. Every time we record this show, it gets longer and longer. We have over 2 hours of content and will be presenting it in two episodes. The voting form is at the bottom of this page.

Resort Element #1- Name, Theme, Location

#1 Jeremy Murray – The Villian's Getaway

Theme: Villain semi-immersive with 3 locationsGothic Castle with vaulted 6 story lobby, Pirate Township 1700s, and Savana Canyon
Location: North of Grand Floridian, West of Pirates of the Caribbean & Frontier Land

#1 Chris Salata – Skyline Resort and Spa

Resort Name: Skyline Resort and Spa
Resort Theme: Upscale, Think Waldorf Astoria meets Manhattan
Resort Location: Along Bay Lake, between TTC and Contemp
General Overview: This upscale resort will give the upscale resort experience with the ultimate luxury experience. Limited size, with luxury being the focus.

#1 Adam Hitt – The Lillian – A Haunted Mansion Resort

Resort Name: The Lillian (Named after Lilian Gracey, aka The Tightrope Walker in The Haunted Mansion)
Resort Theme: The Haunted Mansion
Resort Location: This would be a massive sprawling estate located in a currently undeveloped piece of land that lies between World Drive and Reedy Creek, about a half-mile north of Cornado Springs. The most important part of the location is that the resort and grounds themselves feel isolated. I don’t want guests to be able to see anything but trees in the distance.
General Overview: The Lilian was the second, much grander home of Edward Gracey. It’s a massive French Baroque palace located in the English Countryside. Think Versailles meets the Winchester Mystery House meets the Haunted Mansion meets the grounds and interior detail of the Tower of Terror. The hotel would include everything expected in such a grand estate. Libraries, game rooms, gardens, hedge mazes, atriums, ballrooms, grand dining areas… in fitting with the theme, there will be plenty of dusty old oil painted portraits, giant stone fireplaces, gargoyles, creeping vines, secret doors through bookshelves, hidden corridors, and of course flickering candlelight, creaking doorless chambers, and strange sounds echoing through the halls. This is a completely immersive resort. The hotel staff will be wearing outfits similar to The Haunted Mansion. They would remain in character.
Location: This would be a massive sprawling estate located in a currently undeveloped piece of land that lies between World Drive and Reedy Creek, about a half-mile north of Coronado Springs. The most important part of the location is that the resort and grounds themselves feel isolated. I don’t want guests to be able to see anything but trees in the distance.

Resort Element #2- Restaurants Name and Theme

#2 Chris Salata – Skyline Resort and Spa

Table Service: Mario's – offering a variety of high-end comfort food such as steaks sizzling on a platter, a deep dish Chicago style and New York thin-crust pizzeria.
Quick Service: Cusine inspired by some of the best food truck inspired chefs across the country.
Signature Restaurant: Platinum – an elaborate club with great dining that is a cross between a black-tie affair without having to wear the black tie. It will be along the lines of the California Grill serving the finest cuts of beef and exotic game.
Bar and Lounge: Nightcap – a bar serving craft beers, unique wines and a lot of speciality cocktails only available at this bar. He will also have a standard pool bar. The noteable upgrade to the pool bar will be an abundance of Coke Freestyle machines with RFID sensors that know your favorite drink by reading your magic band.

#2 Jeremy Murray – The Villian's Getaway

Table Service: Hall of Infamy (table service Be Our Guest style inside of the Castle building. Huge oil portraits of villains hang on the walls. Different Villains come and go randomly, but someone is always there for a photo or autograph). 
Quick Service: Sidekicks – food court. All the food is named after Disney Villan's sidekick. Example: Smee’s Breakfast Scramble, Iago’s molting chicken bake, LeFou’s French Onion Casserole, Flotsam & Jetsam’s fish tacos, etc.
Bar and Lounge: The Dark Cauldron (bar with spooky gothic feel. Special share-cocktails available; think scorpion bowl for two, but in a cauldron. In-character seedy bartenders. The top floor of Castle building for fireworks viewing at MK. High-end top-shelf spirits available on a “hidden menu” that you have to request; not offered (ie. “Can I get some of the good stuff?”)

#2 Adam Hitt – The Lillian – A Haunted Mansion Resort

Quick service: “The Kitchen Quarters” will be in the basement. This would be in a space reminiscent of the huge kitchens founds in palaces like this. There would be long heavy distressed wood communal tables, wrought iron gas lights, along with antique cooking utensils, and copper pots and pans hanging on the walls. It would feel like an active working kitchen from the 19th century. The food would be reminiscent of the time period. Meat and fruit pies, fresh bread, pastries, roasted vegetables, soups, and stews.
Table service: The sit down would be situated in the library, but this restaurant is almost more labyrinth that library. The story behind it is that the Gracey’s were avid book readers and Master Gracey made a point of stocking his home with thousands of books. Once his library was filled, he built on another room to accommodate—then another–then another…. The restaurant will be comprised of intimate gaslight-lit rooms with no more than 4-5 tables per room. Guests will be encouraged to get up from their tables and explore the myriad rooms and corridors filled with antique books, artifacts, and paintings.
Bar and Lounge: There’s also a bar at the Lilian, but it’s not immediately apparent. If you were to ask any of the hotel staff where you could find a drink around here, they may direct you to an indiscreet hallway. If you knock three times on the wall directly below the Picasso Painting called “The Absinthe Drinker”, a wall opens up behind you. Through the door is an elaborate and beautiful speakeasy. Bartenders are wearing suspenders and black bowties, servers are dressed in 1920’s fashion serving an array of prohibition-era cocktails. A big band will provide music and dancing playing music from the 1920s like Al Bowlly, Billie Holiday, and Ray Noble.
Signature Restaurant: There’s also a fine dining restaurant. Master Gracey loved the dining room in his first home so much, that he had it recreated down to the last detail in this home. Dinner would be served twice a night, both accommodating up to 25 guests. Guests would sit around the exact table scene in the Haunted Mansion and be served a four-course traditional French meal including wine pairing.

Resort Element #3 – Swimming Pools

#3 Chris Salata – Skyline Resort and Spa

The most notable feature of the Skyline Resort and Spa's pool will be stadium-style pool decks. Chris solves the problem of too few pool chairs by creating stacked layers of pool decks. This will provide ample space in the shade with a top-level being built just for soaking in up the sunshine.

#3 Jeremy Murray – The Villian's Getaway

Ursula’s Lagoon (a huge central Ursula dominates the pool. 4 of her tentacles have a groove that doubles as ladders and the other 4 tentacles are slides. Underwater speakers play spooky Disney music.  A poolside bar is patronized by a shady grizzled retired-pirate looking person who speaks in character).

#3 Adam Hitt – The Lillian – A Haunted Mansion Resort

Feature Pool: There would be a large white marble pool filled with classic marble statuary and fountains shooting water in large arcs over the swimmer's heads. Ever want to swim in the Trevi Fountain in Rome? This is your chance.
Lazy River: There will also be an indoor/outdoor lazy river that circles the pool before going into a glass-roofed solarium, winding around more plants and statues.

We'll be back in Episode 031 to finish out this show! We have three more resort elements to cover:

  • Room Design and Layout
  • Transportation
  • Resort Activities

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