My DVC Points
My DVC Points
031 DVC Resort Armchair Imagineering Competition #3 (Part 2 of 2)

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We pick up the conversation from episode 030 where Chris, Jeremy, and Adam present their armchair Imagineering resorts.

  • Room Design and Layout
  • Transportation Options
  • Resort Activities

Note Jeremy mentioned a picture; however, I was not able to determine a creative commons licenses existed for the photo so I didn't embed the photo.

Resort Element #4 – Room Design, Layout

#4 Chris Salata – Skyline Resort and Spa

You have to think opulence and leading-edge technological advancements that are somewhat hidden. Retractable charging cords. Wireless charging pads by the nightstands. Chris will add 5.1 surround sound in each room. Fabulous mattresses and 1000 count linens. Heated towel bars, steamer in the showers, wood and tile floors, couches that fold out into a very comfortable bed. The murphy bed will be full length. By DVC standards, the rooms will be absolutely huge. Larger than Old Key West rooms!

#4 Jeremy Murray – The Villian's Getaway

Total rooms: 1800 rooms in 3 themes
Castle Rooms:  700 rooms (studio, 1BR, 2BR=1BR+studio) 10 Grand Villa (1BR+Studio+1BR). Half of the castle rooms are Club Level. The rooms are smart rooms. You access the smart room option through an oval mirror that fogs up and has a face that you talk to. The rooms have settings that range in various levels of “spooky” that you can set after your room is assigned to you. ALSO, there 5 random “escape-room” protocols built into to your room. You can turn on an escape room protocol and get clues and puzzles to solve the escape room. Your door isn’t actually locked during this. There are lights and timers over the door that is red, but turns green after you advance through the puzzles and “escape.”

Pirate rooms:  550 rooms (Studio, 1BR, 2BR=1BR+studio) These rooms are roughly similar to the Beach Club Villas rooms with pirate and nautical flavor.

Canyon Rooms:  550 studios, 450 double beds, 100 single Kings. These rooms are very similar to the Mermaid rooms at Art of Animation, but with a savanna feel. This massive amount of studios will help alleviate the demand and shortage of DVC studios.  

#4 Adam Hitt – The Lillian – A Haunted Mansion Resort

One-Bedrooms: This will be the smallest resort at roughly 200 rooms. These are all one-bedroom accommodations sleeping up to six. Remember, you’re a guest in a 400-year-old mansion, so there won’t be separate kitchens.
Room Themes: There will be 10-15 different unique room designs and all will be filled with antiques, paintings reminiscent of the stretching room, and artifacts that really give the impression that you’re in a one-of-a-kind room. The rooms themselves will feel incredibly baroque with intricately carved wood panels, canopy beds, Persian rugs,

Resort Element #5 – Transportation Options

#5 Chris Salata – Skyline Resort and Spa

The Skyline Resort will have monorail, gondola and busses to get people to the parts. Ideally, the resort will also have their own private entrance into EPCOT.

#5 Jeremy Murray – The Villian's Getaway

Pirate ship themed ferry boat to MK. Walking path to Monorail station at MK. Busses to all destinations.

#5 Adam Hitt – The Lillian – A Haunted Mansion Resort

Car and Bus: The theming starts before you enter the grounds of the resort. The first thing guests would see is a massive wrought Iron Gate flanked on either side by lichen-covered marble lions. Through the gates, is a long winding cobblestone road shaded with ancient trees. The thick forest abruptly ends to reveal acres of sprawling manicured grounds complete with formal gardens, hedge mazes, topiary, baroque fountains, secret gardens, and marble statuary, all appearing as though they’ve been there for several hundred years. Still, away in the distance sits the Lilian. The estate is completely surrounded by tall dense trees in the distance masking the view of any Disney landmarks.

Resort Element #6 – Recreational activities

#6 Chris Salata – Skyline Resort and Spa

The leading feature of this resort will an awesome community hall that specializes in old-time Welcome Home Wednesdays but just for the residents of the resort. This would be along the lines of the manager's reception in Marriott and Hilton properties.

#6 Jeremy Murray – The Villian's Getaway

  1. Sharks’ Den (experts in skill games such as billiards, table tennis, card tricks, yo-yo tricks, etc hang out and show off skills or by appointment give a skills class)
  2. Cruella De Vil Puppy Hunt (scavenger hunt for 101 hidden puppies around the resort with a pin for successful completion)
  3. Queen of Hearts courtyard with rose bushes and guest can play croquet
  4. Villain street theater (flame spinners, fire eaters, jugglers, and funny/mean joke tellers (Gaston style) streetmosphere
  5. Small purple and black cape can be purchased for $20. When worn, all cast members at the hotel will nod and say “hello your majesty” when you pass (similar to Birthday pin).
  6. Gaston’s Fitness Center
  7. Ugly Step Sisters Spa & Beauty Parlor
  8. Scar’s Bone Yard Play Ground for kids
  9. Jafar’s Cave of Wonder (VR experience like The Void)
  10. Smee’s lost boys childcare (day and evening available).
  11. Drones that look like vultures constantly circle over the resort during daylight hours. They land and recharge as needed at secret docking stations.
  12. Awesome villain-flavored seasonal holiday decorations

#6 Adam Hitt – The Lillian – A Haunted Mansion Resort

Ready-made picnic baskets to take on the grounds for a family picnic. Horseback riding, as well as a horse-drawn carriage, rides throughout the estate. Inside, you’ll have drawing, dancing, and cooking classes. There will also be a wine tasting in the ballroom daily.

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