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033 Meet Derek and Marissa from DVC Resale Market

While every other Disney podcast this week is talking about D23 and Star Wars Galaxy's Edge opening up at Hollywood Studios, I thought you may enjoy a break from the Disney news and get to know some industry insiders. Episode 033 was originally intended to be the History of DVC Resale Restrictions. I invited two former guides who were selling DVC during each of the restrictions to recap the history. However, the pre-show conversation was so interesting; I thought we should include the audience in the conversation and publish a more personal get to know Derek and Marissa's episode before tackling some of the deeper debates within the DVC community.

Derek and Marissa are currently working as guides with DVC Resale Market. Like all of the other guides at DVC Resale Market, they were once direct guides. Derek and Marissa recap their 10+ years of friendship on the show and provide a great insight into working for DVC, working on the cruise ships. A lot of members prefer buying DVC on the cruises. There's quite a bit of buzz in the DVC community that the cruise ships offer better discounts. In this episode, we take a quick trip backstage and talk with two former guides as they recap their history with DVC, Disney Cruise Line and their transition to DVC Resale Market.