035 Kick-Off for 2019-2020 Season! Summer Updates, Community Hot Topics, Disney Indy Meetup 9-21-19
My DVC Points Podcast

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Today's Agenda:

  1. Updates from the My DVC Points Live Cast
    Shannon – Mrs. America Pageant
    Alicia – Golden Sands Bucket Bar
    Chad – Visiting Alicia, Weekly Podcast and Smartphone App
  2. Current Topics in DVC This Week – DVCinfo.com
    Disney Parks Mom's Panel is Recruiting
    DVCinfo's SSR Before and After Photos – This is a game-changer for Saratoga Springs. SSR may not be ‘the resort of last resort' much longer!
    Football Games at Reunion Station for Blue Card Members
  3. Aaron DelPrinceMagical Wishes for Kids
  4. Community Member Question: When buying your family's DVC portfolio, what ratio of direct points to resale points do you suggest?
    It depends on what you want to do with direct points. If you're happy with staying in the classic 14 resorts, just buy the minimum. If you want to go on a member cruise or stay in a newer resort, you should consider buying 35-40% of the points required directly from DVC. This way you can bank and borrow to reach the direct goals.
  5. Community Member Question: Is the 75 Point Minimum may not be enough direct with new restrictions?

We're back to kick off the 2nd season of the My DVC Points Live! Show. We recap the summer events. Shannon won the Mrs. Florida America pageant in May and spent the summer preparing for the Mrs. America pageant in Los Vegas. She had a wonderful time, and we're very proud to announce that she placed in the top 6. Alicia spent the summer working in the family business at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan. Her family runs a golf course and banquet facility. Given tourist season only last about six weeks in Michigan, she spent the summer working. Chad was busy this summer transitioning the podcast to a weekly show and building a new DVC smartphone app. We're also joined this week by Aaron DelPrince, the founder of Magical Wishes for Kids.

We're not going lie, we were rooting for her to win the pageant but are still overjoyed that she placed in the top 6 contestants. We're incredibly proud of her accomplishments.

Here is one of the cakes we made in Reunion Station and the cake my daughter made all on her own.