My DVC Points
My DVC Points
043 Live! 10-06-2019 DVC Resale Market Update for September 2019, Polynesian Resort Series Follow Up, Mobility Partner Update, EPCOT Forever and Skyliner Collision Creates Downtime

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Community Buzz – October 6, 2019

  1. DVC Resale Market Monthly Update for September 2019
    – ROFR – Right of First Refusal Report for September
    – Average Market Prices
    – Inventory Analysis – Great time to buy –  Polynesian
    – Inventory Analysis – Great Time to Sell – Vero Beach
  2. Disney Polynesian Resort Podcast Series Follow Up
  3. Disney Mobility Partner Program Change – Scooterbug
  4. EPCOT Forever Launches!
  5. Skyliners Collision Creates “Downtime”
    – Reedy Creek Fire Department Evacuations – Nobody Hurt
    – Community Buzz, Response and Memes