My DVC Points
My DVC Points
066 DVC Resale Market Monthly Recap for December 2019 - Bonus Episode

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Derek DeBoers joins us for an audio edition of the monthly reports published by the DVC Resale Market. We discuss the Right of First Refusal report for December 2019 and take a look back at all of 2019. Derek covers average sales prices for December.

We also review resale restrictions at Disney's Riviera Resort. The Riviera Resort has some brand new restrictions for whoever buys the contract on the resale market. The new owner only has two options for using their points. Book their home resort or deposit the points into RCI. The restrictions make these contracts much less attractive to buyers.

Interestingly enough, DVC Resale Market has only seen two listings for Riviera. Both of them sold exceptionally fast. Because resale prices are market-driven, time will ultimately show us the long term trend of prices where buyers and sellers agree.

Chad's Kids on his son's first Flight of Passage!

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For more information, follow up with Derek at or get in touch with anybody on the DVC Resale Market team by chat on their website or calling 844-DVC-PROS (382-7767).

Today’s episode was produced, edited, and engineered by Chad Pennycuff. Show notes by Chad Pennycuff. Facebook admins and moderators of the My DVC Points Community Group: Andrew Darden, Valerie Fairnington, Donna Bickert, and Jeremy Murray.

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