My DVC Points
My DVC Points
076 Saving Points on a Cruise with DVC Rental Store's Cruise Swap Program

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DVC Members love staying in deluxe accommodations close to the magic of the theme parks, but sometimes we want to try some new Disney experiences! Members can use their points towards Disney Cruises, Adventures by Disney, and stays at non-DVC resorts, but this is not always the most valuable way to use them. That's where Anthony and the team at DVC Rental Store come in! In this episode, Anthony talks about how DVC members can leverage their points through the rental market to make their vacation dreams – and those of other families – come true.

What is the DVC Rental Store?

DVC Rental Store is the largest rental platform for Disney Vacation Club villas. Over the past decade, they have helped thousands of families stay in DVC accommodations at rates well below rack rate. At the same time, they have helped DVC members use the rental market to subsidize dues, rent expiring vacation points, and use the funds from renting to take dream vacations of their own!

DVC Rental Store's Point Swap Program

Anthony explains that the Point Swap Program allows members to rent out their points in exchange for funds to book several Disney experiences: Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, and stays at non-DVC resorts. The DVC member rents their points to a customer of DVC Rental Store and is compensated in a credit to use towards another experience. DVC Rental Store connects each member in the swap program with a travel partner to book their desired Disney vacation.

There are a lot of benefits to members using DVC Rental Store's Point Swap Program, as opposed to booking through Disney.

  • Members may pay for their bookings with a combination of cash and points.
  • Members are not charged the $95 exchange fee that they would incur when booking through Disney.
  • Members are connected with a Disney Cruise Line expert at DVC Rental Store, to ensure they book the cruise of their dreams, free of charge.
  • Members receive onboard credits for their Disney Cruise Line vacation.
  • There are no blackout dates for cruise or other vacation bookings.
  • Cancellations and modifications are offered, giving members more flexibility in their bookings. Deposits are non-refundable.

If a member wishes to add travel insurance to their vacation booking through DVC Rental Store, they can pay for this addition with cash or by renting a few extra points.

The Point Swap Program is not just for members looking to book a Disney Cruise! It's also an excellent program for members who want to book a stay at a non-DVC resort. For example, a member could rent their points, and then use the resulting funds to book a luxurious Club Access stay at the new Gran Destino Tower at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort. They could also choose to book a stay at another Club Level resort to take advantage of exclusive perks like extra paid FastPass+ reservations or the ever-popular Free Dining promotion.

Maximize The Value of Your Points!

Through the DVC Rental Store's Point Swap Program, a member's DVC points are assigned much more value than if they swapped through Disney. For example, a four-night Bahamian cruise with Disney Cruise Line would cost a member 572 points and a $95 exchange fee when booked through Disney. With DVC Rental Store, the member would only have to rent 276 points and would not be subject to the exchange fee. Disney values those points at $7.20 per point, while DVC Rental Store values them at $15 per point…what a difference!

DVC points are in high demand. At the time of recording, DVC Rental Store is receiving at least 500 reservation requests per day!

Members can utilize DVC Rental Store's Member Center to view open reservations, manage their rented vacation points, access rental agreements, and more. Members are free to browse open reservation requests and claim them or have the team at DVC Rental Store match them with guests looking to rent points. It is not a requirement that members create a log-in ID with DVC Rental Store to claim reservations for rental, but this portal does offer both members and the DVC Rental Store with a bit more transparency.

Family Reunions Options for DVC Member Point Swap

Incredible Vacation Homes is a company that rents luxurious homes to make your Walt Disney World vacation even more magical! Located just 15 minutes from Walt Disney World, these homes are perfect for larger groups or families looking to stay under one roof on their vacation. Homes range in size from four to ten bedrooms, feature unique decor and deluxe amenities, and offer your large group the privacy and closeness that a Grand Villa may not. As you'll see in the video, magical theming is included!

Currently, these homes are available for booking with cash or the DVC Rental Store's Point Swap Program! For the cost of a three-bedroom Grand Villa, your family or group could be vacationing in one of these homes a la “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous!”

Connect with the DVC Rental Store!

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