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080 DVC Resale Market Update for Feb 2020

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Join Chad and Andy from DVC Resale Market for a monthly market recap covering February 2020. We cover the Right of First Refusal Buybacks, Average Sales Prices, and Current Inventory Analysis for February 2020.

February saw a very low buyback rate for ROFR at 4.7-5%, (2019 saw a buyback rate of 16%). Old Key West leads with 11 buybacks, followed by Animal Kingdom Lodge with two buybacks. One buyback occurred at Bay Lake Tower, Beach Club Villas, Saratoga Springs Resort, The Villas at Grand Californian, and Vero Beach.

Average sales prices for most resorts remained stable, but a few significant changes were noticed. Bay Lake Tower prices have increased from $140 per point to the low $150s per point. Boulder Ridge Villas have decreased from $110 per point to $100 per point. BoardWalk Villas have decreased from $140 per point to $130s per point. The Villas at Grand Californian have risen to $194 per point, and currently DVC Resale Market has no listings for this resort. Good time for sellers!

In terms of inventory, DVC Resale Market has no Grand Californian listings and an abundance of Grand Floridian listings. This may be because Grand Floridian started selling seven years ago, and the average time of ownership for timeshares is 7-8 years. DVC Resale Market is short on listings for Beach Club Villas, Boulder Ridge Villas, and Polynesian Villas & Bungalows.

The best buys for first-time owners or those looking to add on include:

  • Aulani
    • Buyers can offer a lower price per point and not risk DVC buyback. They still have live inventory!
    • Longer contract length and lower dues compared to Hilton Head and Vero Beach.
  • Villas at Grand Floridian
    • Buyers can negotiate on the price due to the abundance of contracts.
    • Good for rental, as these points are always in high demand!
  • Saratoga Springs or Old Key West (extended)
  • Polynesian Villas & Bungalows

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