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084 DVC Resale Market March 2020 Update and Analysis

Humberto Santos from DVC Resale Market and listener Roxanne joins the show to cover the Average Sales Prices, Right of First Refusal Report and Inventory Analysis. Roxanne just purchased her second contract through DVC Resale Market and we get a glimpse into what buyers are thinking about the current market.

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Humberto Santos from DVC Resale Market joins the show to discuss the March 2020 market update reports from DVC Resale Market. We discuss the average sales prices in March of 20202, contracts that Disney bought back through the Right of First Refusal Process and the current inventory at the DVC Resale Market.

Sale Prices in March of 2020

In looking at the average sales prices report, Bay Lake tower dropped $12 a point. Polynesian dropped a few dollars as well. Most resorts held constant for the month of March with little variation.

In terms of ROFR in March of 2020, the usual suspects showed up on the list for the Animal Kingdom resorts and Old Key West. It's notable that Saratoga Springs did not make the list this month. Humberto and Chad thought it was good that Disney is still buying back resorts during the COVID-19 closures because it helps maintain the market value of everybody's contracts. Chad commented that is is a little odd that DVC is buying back points when their entire sales team has been furloughed. Disney could be buying back points to fill past orders or buying back points to maintain inventory after the crisis. When the parks are closed until further notice and the company is losing money every day they cannot sell points, it's rather odd that they're still buying back points.

Despite the fact that buyers are still buying contracts (although at a much slower pace), inventory has grown to 451 contracts on the market. DVC Resale Market normally closes 10-11 contracts a day and they're now closing 6-7 contracts a day. Roxanne Steele joins the conversation to discuss her recent purchase of an Old Key West extended contract. We get her side of the story and Humberto walks the listener through the entire process of making an offer, price negotiations and making sure both the buyer and seller are happy with the deal. DVC Resale Market has a strong commitment to ensuring that both buyers and sellers are happy with every deal they close.

Chad's picks for current market buyers is to strongly consider the Polynesian resort. Given the number of years left, the price per point and lower than average annual dues, the Polynesian result has overtaken Saratoga Springs as the most economical resort to own. If you're interested in owning the Grand Floridian, now may be a time to look for a motivated seller as there is an abundance of VGF contracts on the market. Humberto commented that you can never go wrong with the three B resorts due to their location: Beach Club, BoardWalk and Bay Lake Tower. Roxanne indicated if her OKW deal doesn't pass, she's looking at another OKW Extended contract or possibly buying points at Bay Lake Tower.

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