My DVC Points
My DVC Points
095 Sellers Market! May 2020 DVC Resale Market Update and Analysis

Derek DeBoers joins the show to provide an update on the DVC Resale Market. Disney did not buy back a single contract in May 2020. Prices are slightly down from last summer buy on their way back up as inventory has been shrinking at an alarming rate. It's become a seller's market again.

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In May of 2020, Disney did not buy back a single contract from DVC Resale Market. Prices started to see a slight incline from previous months; however, we're still down from the Summer of 2019. DVC Resale Market provided the chart below. For the full article click here.

Inventory at DVC Resale Market has been steadily dropping as there are more buyers than there are sellers. Last month at the ROFR report, we saw 340 contracts on the market and at the time of recording, we saw inventory drop to 267. It's quickly shifting to a seller's market. Prior to recording, Derek mentioned he had listed a 50 point Polynesian contract and it sold within 30 minutes at the full asking price. If you have a contract to sell, please reach out to the team at DVC Resale Market.

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