My DVC Points
My DVC Points
105 Some People Are Worth Matching Shirts For - Meet Jeremy Mobley Owner at PVB

Jeremy Mobley joins us for a conversation about his DVC story. Jeremy's passion for Disney didn't hit until later in life. Jeremy thinks that he's one of the few people who bought DVC based on a conversation with an advanced sales associate in the park kiosks on one of his first few trips to Disney. They ended up buying a small contract at the Polynesian resort and have added on twice. Throughout the interview, you'll see Jeremy has the heart to spend time with family members and share the magic of Disney with others. While Jeremy comes across as a mild-mannered Southern gentleman, he consistently ranks as one of our top players at Mouse Quiz trivia nights.

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When Did You Join DVC?

January 2016

What Resorts Do You Own?

Polynesian Villas and Bungalows

What DVC Resorts Have You Stayed At?

Old Key West
Polynesian Villas and Bungalows
Copper Creek

How did you acquire your DVC contracts?

Direct and Resale Resale Purchase

Has Add-on-itis ever hit?

Yes! We've purchased 3 contracts. Our first was for 70 points direct through Disney. We financed, but we're able to pay it off in a few months with some inheritance money from when my mother passed away. We always think of my mom when we use DVC. When we realized that we wanted to stay in larger rooms, we purchased another 25 points directly through Disney.

What type of DVC accommodations have you stayed in?

Deluxe Studio
One-Bedroom Villa
Two-Bedroom Villa

Patreon VIP Producer's Club Question: How does your family get value from DVC?

Being “forced” to take time away from everyday life and spend time together. We enjoy bringing extended family who may not be able to afford Disney.

Favorite Disney Photos! What are the stories of these awesome photos?

  • Remy: During Mickey's 90th birthday celebration, we were able to meet Remy and his brother Emile. They were wondering around and scurrying through Main Street USA's trash. We love finding that random Disney Magic!
  • Sword in the Stone picture: This captures our big-kids-at-Disney-World attitude perfectly. For the record, neither of these two grown men could pull the sword out of the stone.
  • Family Christmas-In December of 2019: We were able to take my in-laws for their first adult-only trip. We lost my father-in-law 6 months later to his battle with cancer. We're so thankful DVC gave us the ability to treat them on this trip. Myself, my husband Eric, his parents Diana and Chester Cotton
  • Disney date night: Eric (left) and myself (right) got dressed up, took a Minnie Van to California Grill to have dinner, and took in the Happily Ever. This was the best meal we've had at WDW!
  • Blog Post Feature Photo: We have a picture with Olaf-A picture from our first trip. We actually entered this photo into a Disney and Smuckers contest and won 3rd place. We scored free Disney merch and a year's supply of Uncrustables!

Before joining or renting DVC, how did you do Disney?

Stayed out of pocket at a value resort.

What's changed in the way you do Disney since joining DVC?

After traveling several times, we have started to slow down and take in the sights and sounds. This has really helped us appreciate the parks and resorts more!

What is on your DVC bucket list?

To stay at all DVC resorts.

Is there anything you buy or collect? What's special in your collection?

We collect pins but only purchase ones that commemorate anniversaries, our first time doing an attraction or other unique experiences. They serve as memories like pictures.

Do you have a Disney story that will make us laugh or cry?

Our last trip was in early December 2019 with my father and mother in law. My father in law was battling cancer, and we knew his battle was nearing the end. We wanted to take them to have a fun adult-only Christmas trip with some other family friends. During that trip, my father in law often talked about riding “Flight of Passage.” He was a fan of the
movie Avatar and continuously talked about riding. We had to push him around in a wheelchair because of his lack of strength. I got quite the workout pushing him up the hills and into the mountains that the banshees call home, but once we boarded our link chairs, it was all worth it. For those few minutes, I think his and my mother in laws worries, and thoughts about the illness slipped away. Their smiles, while they were soaring high over Pandora, is something I will never forget.

If Tinkerbell were to put 2000 one time use points into your account that could book anything in the DVC system with guaranteed availability, how would you use them?

Book as many weeks as possible at as many DVC resorts as possible. We would live on-property for hopefully at least two months during late fall and early winter. We would purchase annual passes and MNSSHP and MVMCP tickets and try to host family for the holidays.

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