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109 Becoming Member After Staying at Wilderness Lodge

In Episode 109, we meet Heather Knecht. Heather transitioned from off-property to renting DVC points to becoming a member at Wilderness Lodge. In this process she provides a wonderful testimonial story for DVC Rental Store, DVC Resale Market and Monera Financial.

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Heather has been going to DVC at least once a year since 2016. They've visited primarily off-site at company-owned condos or with family and friends. However, they decided to try staying on property. You should know that Heather is a researcher. After doing her homework on the best DVC resort for their Christmas season trip, she concluded she should rent points to stay at Wilderness Lodge. Her research led her to book a vacation with DVC Rental Store 11 months in advance. When her family stayed at Wilderness Lodge, they were instantly hooked on Wilderness Lodge and the value of staying in a deluxe resort on-property.
As previously mentioned, Heather is a researcher, leading her down the path of investigating rental cancellations. She looked at the upside of renting, saving lots of money. Most people stop there, but Heather took the time to understand that money savings come at the expense of flexibility and cancellation. However, even when she added in the cost of DVC Rental Store's, cancel for any reason program, she was still saving plenty of money on a deluxe DVC villa compared to Disney's pricing. Due to the nature of DVC availability, rooms have to be booked in eleven to seven months in advance to get the exact villa you desire. The chances are really slim that DVC has available inventory to modify your vacation with little notice.

For this reason, the rental contracts are not able to be canceled. However, DVC Rental Store offers insurance that allows you to cancel for any reason. The more time in advance you give, the more of a refund you will get. When a renter cancels, DVC Rental Store tries to find another renter to take the reservation. The closer you get to check-in, the more they have to discount the booking to make it appealing to other customers, so the less of a refund they can provide the original renter. (That being said, we do encourage people to look for confirmed reservations within the last minute deals area on their website).

Heather's research leads her to DVC Resale Market, where she started working Andy Berry. She started off looking for a Boulder Ridge contract; however, after working with Andy, she realized that the 2042 expiration date of Boulder Ridge may not work best for their family. A Copper Creek contract had significantly more time and also provided an 11-month booking window for Wilderness Lodge at Christmas time.

When it came time to make an offer, Heather really wanted to wait and see if the prices drop any further during the COVID pandemic. However, she also realized that she needed almost 15 months to close on a resale contract, have her points loaded onto an account and be ready to book Christmas of 2021. Prices have slightly risen since her offer was accepted. At the time of recording, her contract did pass the Right of First Refusal, and Heather is awaiting closing on her points.
Because Heather mentioned such positive reviews, I inquired about Monera, and sure enough, Heather had an enjoyable experience using their services.

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