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My DVC Points
110 Nick Cotton on Returning to the Parks

Nick Cotton joins the show to return to the parks, unique opportunities we have to enjoy the parks during COVID, deals on discounted DVC points, and an update on the DVC rental and resale markets.

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Nick Cotton joins the show to discuss returning to the parks. We discuss crowds, changes to the parks, character meets, and cavalcades vs full-blown parades. If you're an attraction person, it's a great time to go as most rides have a 30 minute or less wait time. The parks are currently open for 10 hours a day, which will be constricting to 8 hours in September. However, we low crowd levels in the parks, most families are able to experience everything within 4-5 hours. As a result, at the end of the day, most attractions are walk-on.

Cavalcades at Walt Disney World

One of the opportunities from the pandemic is increased availability within the Disney Vacation Club. We're in a unique time when numerous owners cannot use their points. Some are staying home for health reasons and some are international owners and prohibited from crossing borders. Because so many people cannot travel, there are well over 1000 confirmed reservations available on DVC Rental Store. Points normally rent for $18 to $22 per point. However, points that are expiring soon are called distressed points. These points are available at $10, $12, $14 and $16 per point. Historically, a confirmed reservation does not have any wiggle room. However, given the unprecendented availability in DVC right now, Nick encouraged people to reach out to DVC Rental Store and see if they can modify the reservation to meet your needs. Normally, this isn't an option because rooms are booked. However, Nick encouraged listeners to try. Chad commented that current members can always look at and Nick offered up as a public availability tool. $10 a point is cheaper than the dues at Vero Beach. Chad suggested renting out your points at $16.50 a point and using some of the distressed points as a way to help stretch your points and vacation budgets.

Nick also did a brief market update. This summer has been record highs for DVC Resale Market. Points are selling at all time highs. DVC is buying back contracts again. We're seeing about a 10% ROFR rate which is pretty typical for DVC. This isn't a hyper aggressive buyback rate. Nick pointed out that with points being high, it's a great time for sellers. He also indicated that after every major pandemic or down turn the market; DVC historically does very well. So it may be the best time for sellers to get into DVC.

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