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111 "We Were Only Supposed to Go Every Couple of Years" Dan and Holly Austin's DVC Addonitis Story

Dan and Holly Austin explain that they've been to Disney about every other year since their Honeymoon in 2012. In 2018, Dan started looking at the rising costs of a Disney vacation and bought into DVC thinking they would go every other year. However, once they acquired annual passes and stayed in deluxe studios and one-bedroom villas, addonitis quickly set in. In today's show, we get to know our neighbor's Dan and Holly Austin as they share their DVC story and Disney family memories.

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Dan and Holly started their marriage with a Disney honeymoon in 2012. Over the years their Disney vacations happened every couple of years. When they bought into DVC, it was suppose to provide vacations every couple of years. However, the annual pass discount for blue card DVC members is a well documented gateway drug for addonitis. There's always a great reason to back home to Walt Disney World. The couple quickly fell in love with larger one-bedroom villas and going to Disney more often. That lead them to start looking for a resale contract that matches their use year at Animal Kingdom Villas.

Dan and Holly Austin – 2012 Honeymoon

Dan and Holly are looking for a matching use year. They realized that the same use year makes combining points at the 7-month mark incredibly easy. However, their October use year isn't as common as December of February. So finding the right sized contract at the Animal Kingdom Villas has been a bit of a challenge. We discussed the benefits of have multiple home resorts. Dan and Holly are looking at having two contracts at different resorts at a moderate amount of points so that you can bank and borrow and have two different 11-month windows. More points also open up bigger rooms that allow for multi-generation family trips to Disney World.

Austin Family 2015 at Magic Kingdom

One of their favorite family trips was taking Dan's parents and their son Noah on his first family trip. Dan loves telling the story about how his father was a little reluctant at doing to Disney because of travel and it's a geared towards children. Then at the family Christmas gathering, Dan hears his day saying how much he loved Disney because it made him feel like a kid again.

Austin Family 2016 at Magic Kingdom

Dan recalls looking at the financials of DVC. He noticed that every year the cost of a Disney vacation kept creeping up. As their family grows, they know they're going to have to move into two hotel rooms. However, when they compared the cost of two value hotel rooms their math shows that DVC will be really comparable to DVC. However, they get to move up from a value room to a deluxe villa which has a washer and dryer in the room. They don't really see a financial savings of hard dollars; however, they do see DVC as a much better value than staying in two value rooms.

Austin Family at Animal Kingdom in 2020

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