My DVC Points
My DVC Points
112 DVC New Member Education Series: Is DVC Right for Me?

The first episode of a podcast series focusing on New Member Education. If you're a new member or researching becoming a member, we're creating a podcast playlist just for you. Our panel will be made up of experienced DVC members that are very active in DVC Facebook groups. We ask the question is DVC right for me? We also do an introduction of what's to come in this podcast series. Please note, you will need to go to for a complete list of this shows. They're not going to be published sequentially as our normal audience may or may not find them educational.

Season 4 of the My DVC Points Podcast was made possible through financial support from the DVC Dream Team:

Meet the Cast for Today's Show:

Valerie Fairnington – Episode 002
Brad Coates – Episode 046
Sandy Symianick – Episode 079

What is Disney Vacation Club (DVC)?

  • Real-estate timeshare
  • More like a partially Prepaid vacation year after year to a maximum of X years
  • It’s a flexible point-based system. If you hear DVC marketing about go anywhere, any time, don’t believe it. The fine print here is you have a lot of flexibility, based upon AVAILABILITY. It’s a time SHARE. We all share this. We’ll have another episode on Availability with Pete Scheidle and his site
  • Who is it good for?
  • People who know that they will vacation at Disney year after year
  • Those who want to stay in deluxe accommodations at Disney

Who should avoid DVC?

  • Casual Disney fans
  • People who want Christmas and Easter every year at a specific resort UNLESS you can buy a Fixed Week contract
  • People who don't want to hold a contract 8-10 years. If you buy directly from Disney most people estimate a break-even at 8-10 years. Resale offers much quicker ROI as you pay less per point and buy fewer points.

What else is coming up in the series?

  • Picking Home Resorts
  • What Type of Buyer Are You?
  • What Makes DVC Unique in Timeshares?
  • Direct vs Resale
  • Tips for Purchasing Direct
  • Tips for Purchasing Resale
  • Things You Absolutely Must Know Before Buying
  • Banking Borrowing,
  • Use Year
  • Making and Cancelling Reservations
  • How Many Points do You Need
  • Setting Expectations for Availability

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