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118 What's Different About DVC Compared to Other Timeshares?

Our new member education series continues in Episode 118. Brad and Chad discuss what makes DVC different from other timeshares. The flexibility of the point system and incredible strong demand to stay on property at Disney. This demand creates a huge resale and rental market.

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The number one tip we think that makes DVC different is the point system. Brad bought DVC in 2004, and no other timeshares were doing the point system (but now others do). With a point system, you purchase a certain number of points, and you can go any time of year – not just a set week or time frame. If you go during the slowest times in the parks, it's fewer points. Bear in mind slow park times is fewer points, which means it's the busiest and most challenging times to book times for DVC. If you vacation during peak times, it requires more points. The point system allows flexibility, including being able to bank and borrow points from one year to another.

For those that fixed-week works for, you can also guarantee a week at a resort with DVC by buying a fixed-week contract at 10% more. You need to pay 10% more, but you are guaranteed a particular room for a specific time for the contract's life. Should you choose you don't want the fixed week one year, you can cancel, and the points go back into your account, and you can book any other resort. With this, DVC seems to be the best of both worlds.

DVC has a set amount of points for each resort, but the point distribution may change. For example, weekends can be more expensive one year, but another time frame will reduce in points needed. The great news about a Fixed-Week contract is that if a point chart reallocation happens and your weeks cost more points, you are locked in.

With Disney, you have 16 resorts, 13 in proximity to the parks. No transfer fees and ease of transfer. Bear in mind this is DISNEY Vacation Club, so you have the Disney brand's full endorsement, including Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, etc. They own pop culture and the box office. When you buy a Disney timeshare, you have the entire Disney marketing engine pushing your product to consumers. Therefore the consumer demand is high.

The consumer demand for resale is very high. What other timeshares grows in value over time? They simply do not exist. Also, other timeshare resale brokers will charge you to list your contract. But DVC Resale Market does not charge a listing fee and 93% of their listings sell within 7 days. As a broker, DVC Resale Market takes its commission on the back end. They can do this because more people want to buy into DVC than want to get out of it.

There is no pressure with DVC, direct or resale. This is entirely unique because the Disney brand and the quality carries over to the legitimate resale companies, unlike other timeshares' high-pressure sales. The best DVC resale companies only sell DVC because they specialize in this product and do very well with it.

DVC is the most expensive timeshare on the market. But this is because DVC resorts are Deluxe accommodations on-property at Disney. No other rack rates compare. What you can get out of your DVC points in value when compared with normal timeshares cannot be reached. You pay more, but you get much more.

Walt Disney World DVC stays also comes with all the perks and benefits of staying on-property such as Magical Express, and you save the money of transfer to the hotel and to the parks. Baggage handling convenience is also very nice. You get to go to every park and Disney Springs easily, and there is nothing like that out there, staying in the Disney bubble.

There is a membership extras card when you buy direct conferring benefits to “blue card” holders.
Moonlight Magic events benefit Disney's rents out a park and give away tickets to the member through a concert ticketing type website system. You don't pay anything for it, and it is a free 3 or 4 hours in the park. Disney brings out rare character meet and greets during these events. The complimentary Premium Mickey bars at Moonlight events are legendary. You'll also get a $15 food voucher to spend that night.

Another membership extra includes discounts on dining on at the resorts, parks, and Disney Springs. The deal differs, and you can check out for the latest summaries. There is a discount for park tours as well and other experiences. With all the benefits and that the rack rate for the Deluxe resorts is so high, it is possible to break even on your blue card membership by buying direct.

The best place to find the discounts and benefits is This site will break down the DVC blue card perks, Annual Passholders, Tables in Wonderland, and Disney Visa.

Since DVC resorts are on-property resorts, you also get all the on-property benefits such as transportation and the 60 day Fastpass.

You get access to the Top of the World Lounge at Bay Lake Tower for both direct and resale owners. The seven-layer chocolate cake is legendary and life-changing. Disney is also always adding new attractions, new resorts, new experiences. It is a life goal to do it all, but you can't keep all; there is always something new to try.

There are additional off property perks for direct members, but they may not be the best use of your points. For example, you can use your points for a Disney cruise, but you would use the value of $7 per issue instead of getting $20 some per point by staying at a DVC resort. The dollar-per-point-cost is similar for using points for Adventures by Disney vacations or Concierge Collection or RCI World Collection.

Finally, in 7-8 years, if you sell your points, you will get all your money back out of it. There is an out for DVC if you need it. And that is the ultimate flexibility. You eventually change and may want different things in your life, and Disney gives you the flexibility to change. You can't give away other timeshares.

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