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120 Buying DVC at 18 Years Old with Jake Anthony, Owner at SSR and AKV

Jake Anthony shares his DVC story and buying into DVC at 18 years old. For many people, this wouldn't be a wise decision. However, we really encourage you to tune in and hear Jake's story.

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Jake Anthony has been a member since 2016, and his home resorts are at Saratoga Springs and Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas.

Jake used to own at Hilton Head but now only owns at the Walt Disney World Properties. He only held for about 6 months before realizing the dues were astronomically high. He then purchased his Saratoga Springs contract through DVC Resale Market, where he worked with Christina Nugent and Derek DeBoer.

Jake is unique in that he bought DVC at the age of 18 years old. Jake grew up in Florida and would go to WDW four times a year. Before buying, Jake stayed cash at every WDW resort, deluxe, moderate, and value, with either a Florida resident or Annual Pass discount. As he got older into his teen years, he wanted to go to Disney more and wanted to stay at the Deluxe resorts but found it unaffordable. At 17, Jake rented points at Bay Lake Tower in a Deluxe Studio with a lake view. He loved it and wanted to guarantee to do more of these trips at a great price tag. He also felt at home even though it was just a microwave and pantry in the studio room.

His mom promised if Jake obtained a college scholarship, she would pay half as a graduation gift. His mom has real estate expertise, and they decided they wanted to buy free and clear buying DVC without financing. Historically, Jake's mother used her insight as a real-estate attorney and pretty much forbade buying timeshares. However, looking at the value, how much could be saved, and the resale ability, she was on board. Jake notes that his mom would not let him buy Riviera because of the resale restrictions.
Jake got a college scholarship, cut his college expenses by living at home, and had savings from a high school job so he could pay for his half of the contract.

He first looked at direct points but found that direct was not a financial option. He found the resale market in doing more research, which led to his first Hilton Head contract at $49 per point. He initially thought it was a great deal. Then the dues bill arrived a few months later, and Jake discovered the dues at Hilton Head were among the highest of all the DVC resorts.
He then determined that he could sell his Hilton Head contract and buy a Saratoga Springs contract through the DVC Resale Market. In 10 or 20 years, the Saratoga Springs contact would actually be cheaper than Hilton Head. He made a small profit when selling his Hilton Head contract at $64 per point. It covered real-estate commissions and closing costs, which is fantastic. While many people make mistakes when buying a timeshare, very few of them can walk away at a slight profit.

He purchased 150 points Saratoga Springs resale and has never looked back. He felt Saratoga Springs was the most economical, considering the price-per-point and dues. He likes having the 11-month advantage at Saratoga Springs for booking the more popular October, November, December months.

Add-on-itis kicked in recently, and Jake picked up a 130 point contract at Animal Kingdom Lodge with an August use year. His Saratoga Springs contract is a September use year. He chose Animal Kingdom Lodge as his add-on because growing up as a kid, he remembers going to Animal Kingdom, looking at the animals and eating at Jiko and Boma, so Jake knew he wanted to own there. The purchase price was not bad, and dues were at the median range. He is excited to take advantage of the Kilimanjaro club rooms and Valley rooms, which he finds is a significant advantage over other resorts, and there is a 2057 expiration date.

In terms of addonitis, Jake dreams one day of buying a Grand Floridian contract. However, for now, he is putting on the brakes on his add-on-itis.

Jake feels buying DVC was the best life decision for himself and had no regrets whatsoever. His welcome home trip was to Kidani Village, and he loved it. He quotes Walt Disney when he says, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Jake's advice to those considering buying into DVC, don't think of DVC as a timeshare. He has relatives that have other timeshares, and they hold very little value. With DVC, you don't have to go a certain week. The contract holds its value over time. Jake also suggests buying the resort area where you want to stay. If you're going to go to Disneyland, buy the west coast DVC properties. If you desire to go to Walt Disney World, buy a resort in Walt Disney World. His last tip is to take it slow. Don't push yourself rope drop to fireworks. You're your time to look around, eat at excellent restaurants, go to the pool, and try to do Disney without being on the list.

You can find Jake on Instagram @Ghosthostjake and at his website at, or on Facebook at Jake Anthony.

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