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123 Wedding & Wheelchair Accessible Rooms with Cindy Manning Swain

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After 20 years of looking into DVC, Cindy rented points for her wedding and honeymoon at Disney. Her story is filled with great information about accessible rooms at Bay Lake Tower and the Grand Floridian. Cindy also discussing being a cast member at Disneyland for 11 years and buying a different timeshare than DVC.

Cindy Manning Swain has been a DVC owner for two years.  She owns at Bay Lake Tower with a resale contract, and Riviera purchased direct.  Cindy purchased Riviera direct when the minimum points to qualify for a blue membership card was 75 points.  Cindy got married at Walt Disney World and stayed at the Grand Floridian and Bay Lake Tower for her honeymoon when Cindy and her husband fell in love with Bay Lake Tower.  Cindy worked at Disneyland for 11 years in Tomorrowland merchandise, and she also did some internships with Imagineering, but there were no openings when she graduated.  

Cindy’s husband is in a wheelchair, which presents some interesting limitations.  Before owning, Cindy rented points at Bay Lake Tower from DVC Rental Store.  Although Cindy had initially booked a Theme Park View room at Bay Lake Tower, the only accessible rooms with roll-in showers have a Lake View room.  Theme Park View rooms have accessible rooms without a roll-in shower, so a guest with different accessibility needs could stay in a Theme Park View.  The owners Cindy rented points from were accommodating and changed the room type, which was fewer points, and also noted that it was Cindy’s honeymoon on the reservation.  The accessible roll-in shower rooms are next to the elevators, and Cindy happened to get on the Magic Kingdom side, so the view was quite impressive.  She watched the Magic Kingdom fireworks every night from her balcony.  Cindy was aware the Bay Lake Tower studio rooms have a reputation of being the smallest, but she did not find the studio room to be small, perhaps due to its pie shape, bathroom shape, or that she had an accessible room.  Bathrooms in accessible rooms need to be large enough so a wheelchair or ECV can turn and spin around inside. 

When staying at Old Key West on a friend’s points, Cindy could not get into an ADA room, but the studios were so large that her husband could make do with using a walker.  The Old Key West roomed Cindy and her husband in a second-floor room but placed them in a unique building with an elevator.  Once when Cindy was at a conference in Orlando, Cindy’s husband could use the Disney provided transportation and go to the parks by himself without additional help. 

Cindy found Old Key West so beautiful and comfortable that she was going back and forth between Old Key West and Riviera when deciding which home resort to choose for her direct points contract.  She trusted her DVC guide that Riviera would be beautiful and gorgeous, so she bought at Riviera sight unseen.  Other factors were Epcot access, long contract length, and upgraded fit and finish rooms.  Cindy has owned with timeshare WorldMark by Wyndham since 1998, which is another point-based timeshare.  WorldMark is also flexible, but the accommodations are nowhere near the quality of DVC resorts and rooms.  For her WDW wedding, Cindy used her WorldMark points to room her wedding guests.

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