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124 DVC Market Update for October 2020

Andy Berry is back to discuss the DVC Resale Market trends for October 2020. We cover right of first refusal (ROFR), average sales prices and inventory analysis.

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For Right of first refusal, the usual suspects were bought back: Old Key West and Saratoga. Animal Kingdom has been missing from this buy back list for a few months. However, Grand Floridian has continued it streak in contract buy-backs. We also found one Bay Lake Tower buyback at $161 a point that was quite curious as numerous contracts sold this month below that point.

Average sales prices stayed relatively constant or within standard deviation. Beach Club rose to $4 a point and Vero Beach had a small drop.

In terms of inventory, DVC Resale Market is indicating a slight buyers market for the Polynesian and Copper Creek. Andy mentioned a need for listings for Boulder Ridge and Saratoga Springs.

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