My DVC Points
My DVC Points
137 Resale Response to Direct Benefits from DVC

In the second of a two-part episode, we discuss the counter-arguments to buying your DVC Membership directly through Disney. Join Chad, Jake, & DVC Resale Market Agents – Marissa and Derrick as they talk about why buying resale is still a great financial choice, despite the Membership Extras advertised.

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Counter Arguments to Buying DVC Directly Through Disney

At first glance, the DVC Membership Extras look very enticing to prospective buyers. These extras are designed to separate purchasing through the resale market or direct. Here are some reasons why we believe, despite all of the perks advertised, you should still consider buying through resale:

  1. Benefits can and will go away.
  2. Florida Residents are entitled to the same Annual Pass discounts as Blue Card holders.
  3. DVC Resale Market agents are former DVC Cast Members, so you’re getting the same level of customer service and knowledge of the product.
  4. You still get free parking at the resorts, and everyone pays the same amount of annual dues regardless.
  5. Disney Cruise Line point transfers can sometimes be twice as much as just paying cash. You can rent your points out and just pay cash for a better deal. Also, Florida & Canadian residents get significant discounts all year.
  6. You can stay at every original DVC Resort, including Aulani, Grand Cal, etc. The only one you can’t stay at is currently Riviera. 
  7. You are still eligible for RCI transfers.
  8. Disney After Hours & Halloween/Christmas Parties are always available if you need your “special event” fix. 
  9. You save more by renting your points and paying cash for Disney Collection Resorts than making my using points as a blue cardmember.

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