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138 Life's Best Moments Happen at Disney - Kyle Nichols's DVC Story

Since a young age, Kyle Nichols, a Disney park fan, shares his story as a DVC Member. Before Kyle's father bought a DVC contract for his two sons to share, it took years of research. Since then, Kyle has gotten engaged at Walt Disney World and even recruited Mary Poppins to announce they were expecting. Tune into episode 137 and hear all about Kyle's DVC story.

Kyle grew up going to WDW since he was born.  His father took his family almost every other year to the parks on vacation.  Kyle used to order the DVC promotional tapes and put the video on when received, and within an hour, it would inspire his father to book another WDW vacation.  In 2007, Kyle convinced his father to purchase a resale DVC contract as an inheritance for Kyle and his brother.  Kyle and his brother share their contract, but for now, their father pays the annual dues.  Since then, they have been vacationing using their points and bring their father always.  Kyle even worked the WDW College Program when he was younger.

Kyle tries to combine years of points to vacation every other year.  Some years they will go once a year, and then they will purchase an annual pass and go twice in twelve months.  Kyle’s family will take big trips and bring other family members and friends.

Kyle owns at Old Key West and is grandfathered into blue card membership status on his resale contract.  He hopes there is an incentive to rebuy when the contract expires in 2042.  Kyle looks weekly at resale contracts but has not pulled the trigger yet.  He loves the Polynesian resort, his favorite restaurant is Ohana, and he has looked many times at Polynesian resale contracts.

On his Welcome Home trip to Old Key West, Kyle proposed to his now-wife at the flagpole overlooking the boat launch.  She said yes, and they also honeymooned at Old Key West.  Kyle has found it the best resort to maximize his points.

Kyle has a nine-year-old daughter and a four-year-old daughter.  His older daughter is special needs and utilizes a wheelchair; thus, they request the first floor and near Hospitality House, and Disney has been beyond accommodating.  He recommends getting a Disability Access Pass when you go to the parks and ensure the registered group members intend to ride the attractions.  Kyle also recommends staying at a Monorail loop resort for easier access.  His birth announcement for his younger daughter was made by Mary Poppins at the Magic Kingdom at a character meet and is now on YouTube, and did the gender reveal at Ohana restaurant.

Other family members that have vacationed with Kyle will rent points and end up becoming a DVC member.  He recommends trying out renting points but be prepared that you may end up an owner!

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