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140 Bibbity Bobbity Bougie: A DVC Cooper Creek Cabin Review

Our Bibbity Bobbity Bougie high-end Disney Vacation Club review series is back, and this time we're headed to the Copper Creek Cabins at Disney's Wilderness Lodge. Laura & Chad Pennycuff has invited fellow Copper Creek owners Alicia and Bill Kolenda and Julie and Grant Peters for an in-depth review of the Cabin experience. The cabins are a lot of points, but they are worth the splurge.

Copper Creek Cabins Review

See our resort wiki for Copper Creek for more details about point charts, 3D visual walkthroughs, and youtube videos.

26 Lakefront Cabins at Copper Creek

  • 12 are on the left side of the boat dock.  Behind the hotel side.
    • 8001 to 8012
  • 14 are on the right side of the dock – past Geyser Point – toward Fort Wilderness Campground
    • 8013 to 8026
  • 1213 Square Feet
  • 2 Bedrooms – One King, One queen, one murphy, one queen sleeper sofa, one flip out chair
  • Technically sleep 8 – what are your thoughts on that?

What Cabin Numbers have you stayed in?

  • Peters – 8002
  • Kolenda 8010
  • Pennycuffs – 8024

Room Request Tips – It’s basically picking a side – one is remote – other has fireworks views

   -8001-8012 (had an island across which adds a different view, seems more vegetation, some ferries, watch the monorail/contemporary resort and partial fireworks/electric parade views)

   -8013-8026 (direct view of the lake, better view of the electric parade, not sure about fireworks)

Discussion About the Master Suite:

Discussion About the 2nd Bedroom

Main Bath:

  • Cabins are considered club/concierge level.  You have extra Disney H20 items in the room.  Shaving Kit.  Toothbrush and paste.

Laundry Area:

  • Full size – side by side
  • They’re in a closet.  The light was really difficult to find or MIA.

Great Room and Kitchen Area:

  • Blinds and Fireplace are Exceptionally Cool
  • The fireplace would be glorious in the winters.  We went in early November, and it was cool at night but not cold – so the fireplace fit in well.  The switches are a bit tricky.
  • 1990’s called.  They want their cordless phone back.  I haven’t used one of those in decades.  Who has a home line these days?
  • We made Chocolate Chip Cookies!!

Porch and Hot Tub:

  • Chad – seems like wasted space out there on the porch. However, in the 3 nights and 2 days we had at the cabin's my family spent 50 hours in the hot tub. It's absolutely glorious.
  • Grand and Julie: – the porch was our favorite space.
  • Chad – Be sure to find the hidden emergency exit on the porch screen.
  • Interesting the bug screen isn’t 100% to the bottom.  There are gaps there, and we had some geckos visiting.

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