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146 Getting to Know Kerri MacPherson from DVC Rental Store

Meet Kerri Macpherson and get a brief overview of her career at Disney and cover how she's currently serving members at the DVC Rental Store. Kerri started her 20+ year Disney career as a Disney College Program recruit. Her first job (and toughest job to date) was selling Mickey Bars in front of Cinderella's castle on the corner of Main Street. From there, she went on to be a reservation specialist for Disney Cruise Line, became a recruiter for the Disney College Program, went on to be a Disney Ambassador, DVC guide, and sales manager for Club 33. Kerri was part of the 27,000 member layoffs in the pandemic. DVC Rental Store hired her as a brand ambassador and she shares some of the latest news from DVC Rental Store.

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In today's episode, we meet Kerri MacPherson and follow her Disney career from starting at Ice Cream Cart #2 on the hub in front of the MagicKingdom's castle to her current role as the brand ambassador at the DVC Rental Store. Kerri was hired into Disney as a full-time reservation specialist for Disney Cruise Line and had experience as a college program recruiter. She also worked as a DVC guide and ended her career as the sales manager for Club 33 in Walt Disney World.

Chad wanted to take advantage of having the brand ambassador for DVC Rental Store by catching up on some new policies. We discuss some of the only real negative items I've heard since working with DVC Rental Store. If we were to summarize the issue, renters didn't fully understand their contract's cancellation terms. When you rent points, you get a deep discount on DVC rooms (40-60%), but they give up some flexibility with booking and cancellations. We discuss how DVC point rentals actually work. You're renting from another member, who more than likely would rather use their points but has chosen to rent out the points to get the income. DVC members are not corporations. If you cancel a point rental, the member may not have the cash to return. DVC Rental Store had an optional point protection plan but not everybody signed up for it and when COVID hit, quite a few people regretted not having the protection plan.

DVC Rental Store created a new enhanced product that includes more cancellation options for renters. The new product offers something similar to an in-store credit. You may not get 100% of what you paid back depending on how early you cancel, but you'll get something to apply toward your rebooked vacation. When somebody cancels, DVC Rental Store seeks out another person to rent the points and fill in that vacation. (Quite often, the new renter will receive a discount from taking a short-notice vacation equal. This explains where a lot of confirmed reservation deals come from. DVC Rental Store says, hey, we got this, we'll discount and find somebody else to take your vacation, but because we have to discount it, you may not receive 100% credit towards the next vacation. It's a very fair system for everyone involved, given how inflexible DVC can be when rebooking vacations.) The Rental Store will pay the member $50 to call member services and update the reservation with new guest names. This way, the member still gets paid, and the renter has up to two years to book another vacation. It's a great solution and creates a win-win scenario. The renters have more options to rebook later; the members still get paid, and people picking up a confirmed reservation may get to do so at a discount.

To learn more about DVC Rental Store, contact them at their website.

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