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147 Two Decades Later, I Still Love Going to Disney

Jeanille grew up going to Disney World with her parents, staying off-site every trip. When she got married, they honeymooned at Disney, purchasing her first contract during that trip. Through marriage, then a divorce, and traveling with aging parents, Jeanille shares poignant Disney memories that will last a lifetime.

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Jeanille's parents took her to Disney frequently as a child, but they always stayed off-site. The family loved sharing the Disney moments, but Jeanille dreamed of staying on-site as an adult. Once, while driving to Disney as a child, the family car broke down in South Carolina, and they ended up spending their vacation week in a Holiday Inn while waiting for the car to be repaired. They had to spend all of the trip money on the car repairs and the hotel stays, so they had to turn around and head back home, never making it to Disney that trip. Jeanille shares that it's a bittersweet but now humorous memory she and her parents share. 
While on her honeymoon, she and her husband took the DVC tour and purchased their Beach Club contract in 2001. Unfortunately, the marriage didn't last, and Jeanille got the DVC contract in the divorce. She shares that her ex-husband booked a trip on points under the guise that a co-worker was renting the points, when in fact, he booked it with his secret girlfriend but forgot to change the address on the paperwork. When it showed up at their house with the girlfriend's name on it, Jeanille shares an amusing story of how she handled it by sabotaging the 2nd part of their split stay. Marriages may come and go, but DVC lasts for the life of the contract!

Jeanille travels to Disney adults-only style and enjoys the spontaneity that can come with traveling without children. She loves treating her parents to DVC stays, and the experience has wowed them. She shares some special memories of her last trip with her parents in 2012 at Christmastime, where they toured the lobbies and had leisurely serendipitous days.  At the time, she didn't realize it was likely her parents' last trip to Disney, but due to health issues, they can't travel these days. She treasures the memories of that last trip in a 2 Bedroom at Beach Club in December 2012.

Jeanille tends to use her points at Beach Club but finds that if she doesn't plan far enough in advance of the 11-month booking window, she has enjoyed staying at Saratoga Springs as well as Animal Kingdom. She even transferred some points a few years ago to take a trip to St. Maarten through the RCI exchange program. While she didn't find it as plush as any of the DVC resorts, she immensely enjoyed being in St. Maarten and was grateful to have the RCI exchange flexibility. 

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