My DVC Points
My DVC Points
154 THE Correct Answers To Our Rapid Fire Questions with Adam Worell

Addison is a huge fan of the podcast and enjoyed sending in a show opener. When she heard her Dad would be a guest on the show, she wanted to make sure he knows THE correct answers to the rapid-fire questions. Not being one for second-hand news, Chad asked Adam to hand over the mic so we could all get the right answers. Tune in for a Daddy-Daughter episode that is guaranteed to warm your heart.

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Adam Worell started coming to Disney as an adult when he joined his girlfriend's family vacations. For years, Disney was just something that he endured to try to earn points with his future wife and future in-laws. It took a few years but eventually, he did fall in love with coming to Disney. His in-laws owned at Old Key West and after getting married Adam and Karen bought their own DVC points at Old Key West as well. Since then Adam has really come to enjoy runDisney events.

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