Our Approach

My DVC Points is all about sharing stories in the DVC community.  As storytellers, we're curators of magical moments.  We take a journalistic approach to engaging DVC members as they tell us about “My DVC Points” from their perspective.

Our Story

We love the DVC member community.  We love how members share stories, experiences and their love for all things Disney. Our goal is to extend discussions from Facebook and other social media outlets to the web and podcast platform.

Guiding Principle #1 – Community Driven

The overwhelming majority of the content we produce comes directly from DVC members.  We interview and engage industry insiders to the only to the extent that they can provide valuable content to the members.  When you hear a resale company, point rental company or other related business mentioned on the show, rest assured the member chooses to share their positive experience.

Guiding Principle #2 – Respect for All Members Opinions

Ultimately, we all want to experience every single element of DVC that we possibly can.  Due to point, budget and time-off limitations, that's not always feasible.  So in order to get the most out of our membership and maximize our resources, we want to hear everybody's opinion.  By holding a deep respect for other member's views and values, we create an environment where it's safe to share thoughts.  “I never learned anything from somebody who agrees with me 100% of the time.”  By sharing information and experience, we can make better choices!  (I'm looking forward to a show where members convince me that the membership cruise is worth the points!)

Guiding Principle #3 – Positive but Accurate Representation

DVC is all about personal preferences.  One man's trash is another man's treasure.  Some people love Old Key West for the room size and charm.  Others would say the resort is “not my favorite” or “least desirable.”  We're not opposed to ranking a feature of DVC as our least desirable.  In our Copper Creek Villas and Cabin review show, the members share honest feedback about the galley style kitchens in the 1 and two bedroom villas.  The consensus is that these are the least desirable room layout on-property.  When somebody is using the sink, fridge, microwave, dishwasher or even standing in the kitchen area the design prohibits movement through the villas.  The room is difficult to navigate compared to Bay Lake, Animal Kingdom, Grand Floridian, Old Key West or any other DVC villa.  However, 3 of the 5 members on that panel still purchased points at the resort.  We're committed to discussing undesirable elements in a positive and respectful fashion.

Guiding Principle #4 – Independently Produced

At launch, our vision is to produce this show as a hobby without an element of financial gain.  Our gain comes from serving and building the DVC community.  While sponsorship dollars would be nice to offset some expenses, we value community over sponsorship.  Our goal is to serve the community and reflect all of the positive elements the community wants to discuss.  Historically, DVC sponsors tend to limit content and eliminate mentioning a competitor.  We're an open platform for members to share positive stories.  At some point in the future, we may re-evaluate our position here and move to Patreon or affiliate links so that the community itself may offset some of the production expenses.

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