My DVC Points
My DVC Points
Annelie's Journey Into the Joy of All Things Disney

Annelie Heinen went from being an every five-year Disney traveler to a certified Disney addict and hasn't looked back. Since 2017, she has traveled to Disney World or Disneyland at least 11 times and has no plans of slowing down. She even picked up a side gig as a Travel Planner specializing in Disney to support her habit! Annelie and her family own two contracts at Boulder Ridge Villas, with plans to add on at Boardwalk Villas. In this episode, she shares some memorable moments she and her family have experienced in their multiple trips and Disney cruises. Episode 159

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Annelie did not grow up a Disney kid. She took one trip with her family as a young teen when her father had a conference in Orlando. They visited Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Never expecting to develop a passion for Disney, she would go every five years as an adult with her company's incentive trips. 
In 2017, Annelie, her husband Matt, and their three children planned a Disney cruise. Because it was a Monday – Friday sailing, they decided to bookend the cruise with visits to Disney World on the weekends prior and after. They rented DVC points on a tip from a friend. The trip was magical from start to finish, and the Disney bug hit hard! 

The following year, Annelie and Matt decided to save up cash to buy their first DVC resale contract. In the 2017 trip, they spent the last two nights of the trip at Boulder Ridge and fell in love with the magic of Wilderness Lodge, especially during the holidays. In January 2019, they purchased their first 150 point contract at Boulder Ridge. Add-on-itis quickly hit, and in the summer of 2020, they were able to save up to pay for a 2nd Boulder Ridge contract in cash. 
Annelie shares stories of her family's favorite moments, such as her family's love of the Toy Story Midway Mania ride and the kids' quest to beat Dad's score. There have been many tears when one of the kids thinks they've got Dad beat, and he edges them out.

They have also had some incredibly memorable moments on Disney cruises, such as being selected as the family of the week on their first cruise and getting special deliveries to their room all week long. Additionally, she shares that they were among the first in the world to see the Star Wars films The Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker on the Disney Dream because they happened to be sailing the week both films were released. Since Disney Cruiselines debuts big blockbuster films on their cruise ship the night before they are released worldwide, the Heinen family had the privilege to see both films at sea a day before anyone else in the world.

Annelie has stayed at most of the DVC properties, except Saratoga Springs, Beach Club, Hilton Head, Aulani, Polynesian, and Jambo. They often travel with their good friends, the Millers, who are also DVC members. They split a two-bedroom villa and can stretch points with that arrangement. The Heinens and Millers plan to go to Aulani right before Christmas in 2022 to celebrate Annelie and Matt's 20th wedding anniversary. 

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This podcast episode was edited by David Kluber, show notes by Annelie Heinen, and engineered by Chad Pennycuff.

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