My DVC Points
Buying Direct to Stay Everywhere: David Lewis' DVC Journey

Join us as we welcome David Lewis to share the heartwarming legacy of Disney trips that have strengthened their family bonds across generations. Listen in as they recount the magical rite of passage that began with a visit to Disney World at the age of six, and how this tradition has evolved into creating cherished memories with their own children. David opens up about the significance of maintaining these familial connections through Disney, painting a vivid picture of the joys and the bittersweet moments of seeing Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points evolve over time.

In this conversation, we also unpack the strategies and insights behind DVC ownership and vacation planning. From the space and amenities that led David's family to transition from Caribbean Beach to DVC, to the allure of exotic stays at Aulani and the grandeur of the Animal Kingdom Lodge's Jambo House suites, we explore the ins and outs of making the most out of DVC memberships. David generously shares tips on buying direct points, taking advantage of purchase incentives, and why always having a DVC vacation booked can lead to a more fulfilling experience. Whether you're a seasoned DVC member or considering taking the plunge, this episode is packed with valuable advice and heartening stories that will inspire you to craft your own Disney legacy.

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00:00 – David Lewis (Guest)
Welcome home neighbors. This is the DeFrancisco family from Philadelphia, pennsylvania, owners at Bay Lake Tower. You're listening to my DVC points.

00:15 – Voice Over (Other)
Parents and the children could have fun together.

00:20 – Chad (Host)
Please board quickly and safely. Our monorail will be departing momentarily.

00:30 – Voice Over (Other)
Welcome to the my DVC Points podcast. Join the conversation as DVC members share their stories, personal preferences and magical memories. Your reservation is confirmed, your fast passes are booked. Pull up on the yellow strap because our journey into the magic of membership is about to begin. Now here's your host and curator of magical stories, chad Pinnickoff.

00:55 – Chad (Host)
Welcome home, neighbors, to episode 274 of the my DVC Points podcast. Today's show is brought to you by our friends over at dvceresalemarketcom. They are the world's leader in DVC resales. Within a few days of this podcast dropping, you're going to be getting in your annual due statement and there's nothing that kind of motivates more people to sell that annual due statement. It's the inoculation for add-on itis.

We get it once a year and every year about this time of year the listings tend to spike up into the markets and if that's, you, give our friends over at DVC resale market a call, because they are the world's leader in DVC resales. Six out of 10 resale contracts that sells today is being sold through one of their agents. They are the 500 pound gorilla of DVC resales and if you're getting ready to sell a contract, they'll help find you a buyer or liquidity split, and if you're buying a contract, you're going to get the largest selection of any place out there on the internet, as well as the best website that's out there dvceresalemarketcom. Let them know. You heard about them here on the my DVC Points podcast. In today's show we're talking with David Lewis on his DVC journey, so I want to welcome David to the show how you doing today, David Doing great Thanks, chad. Tell me a little bit about your Disney backstory here, and how did it, like all the infatuation with the mouse, start to begin for you and your family?

02:18 – David Lewis (Guest)
Yeah, I started pretty young. The earliest I can remember going is my grandma would take all of us to Disney World when we turned six years old. I have a cousin who's the same age as me, so we went together, but all the older siblings went on their own. And, yeah, grandma would take us down to Disney World and at six years old and it was kind of a rite of passage, so it was pretty exciting. I might have gone before then as well, but that's one of the first memories that I still have.

02:43 – Chad (Host)
Yeah, about six years old you start to like remember things. I've always been told don't take them before five because they won't remember it.

02:49 – David Lewis (Guest)
And then the travel agents are always really quick to chime in there with oh, but you will, and yeah I mean, it's one of the reasons why we've been bought DVC and we can go into that later, but I mean I want to be able to do that for my grandkids as well. So but yeah, we kept traveling down there. We were from Chicago, where I lived in Chicago, went down to Sanibel Island, and so whenever we'd go down to the Sanibel Island there we would usually hit DVC or, sorry, hit Disney on the, either before the trip or after the trip. So kind of just grew up going to Disney World.

03:19 – Chad (Host)
Now I have to ask have you been back to Disney World with your cousin since that grandma took you in?

03:24 – David Lewis (Guest)
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. Now we've been there multiple times. Some of the pictures that I sent you. He was there with us there. He's not in those pictures, but yeah, we're two months apart, have girls that are the same age, or my daughter and his two girls are basically the same age, so they're like best friends and so, yeah, we're pretty close.

03:42 – Chad (Host)
Okay, that's awesome that you've, grandma, kind of started this lifelong thing that's kind of continued on in your adult journeys as well, and it's great that you've remained friends with family, because that you can pick your friends and you can't pick your family and sometimes it just doesn't work out too well that friends and family don't go hand in hand. But you're really fortunate and you're really blessed that it's the case for you.

04:03 – David Lewis (Guest)
Definitely blessed. Definitely blessed.

04:04 – Chad (Host)
You started coming to Disney? What led you into the whole DVC pivot thing?

04:10 – David Lewis (Guest)
Oh man, I'm kind of a worker of the systems and so my parents had time shares with RCI and II, but RCI at the time we were going down to Disney World and I'm like my mom had mentioned that she could turn her RCI points in for Disney points. But you know, obviously it's really hard and so but she was able to find it and so my wife and I went down for just we had just had our first son. We dropped him off at Grandma and Grandpa's and then we headed down, just the two of us, and got to stay at Saratoga Springs on our CI points, and so that was pretty awesome. We went to the sales office and listened to the whole pitch and loved it. Didn't buy then wish I had, but I didn't buy then. Can't remember what the points were, but I think they were pushing. I think they were pushing 115 points at the time and I don't know. It was like 85 bucks a point or something. I know.

05:00 – Chad (Host)
So my gosh, that had to be like Bay Lake Tower or pre Bay Lake Tower.

05:04 – David Lewis (Guest)
Oh yeah, oh, it was pre Bay Lake Tower animal kingdom or something along those lines.

Animal kingdom had maybe just opened up Yep, they had maybe just opened up. So. So we didn't buy then, unfortunately, I wish I had, but we didn't. And then again, a few years later, mom was able, we were going down there again. I'm like, mom, can you look and see if you can get us a place? And we got what was it? Oh, oh man, it was the best. So our kids were a little older at the time and it was Beach Club. Believe it or not, he got Beach Club two bedroom with our CI points.

05:37 – Chad (Host)
So we went down with our three next.

05:39 – David Lewis (Guest)
that never happens these days, but oh my, I mean, I mean I'm trying to. I mean sometimes I look and I can't even get it. At seven months you know the two bedrooms, but yeah, so it was unbelievable. We had three kids at the time and that you know the obviously the slides, amazing. We love going to eat dinner at Epcot night time, you know so a lot of times we do the the park hopper and actually I can go into this whole awesome pass I got a few years ago for that trip, but yeah, it was, it was wonderful. So again got, got a second one lucky, and then it got really hard to get that and so I don't know if it's just DBC crew, more members, whatever it is.

06:15 – Chad (Host)
Your mom's little RCI secret got out like like right, right, the gig was up.

06:22 – David Lewis (Guest)
And she tried a couple other times and it just it didn't work, and so whenever we went down there if we did, we'd have to stay at either an off-site property so sometimes we'd rent a house or we did do Beach Club during COVID not Beach, not sorry, not Beach Club, Caribbean Beach but they were fixing up their whole, their whole kind of pool restaurant area, and so, since it was under construction, we were able to get a pretty good price on that.

06:50 – Chad (Host)
Okay, well, I mean the Disney hotel rooms. They do go on super duper sales every now and then, Like it could be a construction sale, it could be a refurb of the pool or something like that. They'll fill their hotel rooms, Don't worry about that, they'll lower the price till they're there.

07:04 – David Lewis (Guest)
So Yep, and they did, and they did, and we went and it was wonderful, the Sky thing was in and Rivier was actually complete, so that was nice. But obviously it wasn't over there, but we could see it.

07:16 – Chad (Host)
So yeah, so that sounds pretty recent then. So when, in this journey part, did the switch flip and you say, okay, I'm going to buy some points?

07:26 – David Lewis (Guest)
Well, so I was looking at resale, looking at direct and I really want to direct and I know that they can take all the benefits away and all the different things. But there's one benefit I don't think they'll ever take away and if they did, that's probably the downfall of DVC is that you can use your points at any past, present and future DVC resort. So one of my bucket lists is that you know I'll go to all the Disney parks and I'm hoping that DVC opens a hotel at all the parks. So I know it's really hard probably to open them overseas with all the legalities and stuff, but if they ever did, I wanted to be able to use my points to go there.

And then I wasn't able to buy used points before it changed to just a legacy 14. And then everything else was restricted after that, and so I know there was that time and I tried to pull some money together but just couldn't pull enough together to get a use contract that would have been grandfathered in to use anywhere. Yeah, so we were looking for prices and when we bought it was right before old Key West was about to. It was really low points compared to everything else that was out there.

Oh, I remember that it was like 165 points, but they had great incentives, really good incentives, and so when it was all said and done, we bought 250 points and I split it in the two 125 contracts because that's all you needed to have the blue card or digital card, whatever they call it now. So I did get 250. So I got the full bonus of the 250, but I split it in the two 125 that if I ever wanted to sell one off I could, and they would both be direct still, and then with the point values and then renting back my points to DVC rental store for that first year because I convinced the guy to give me a February use year. Because of when we take vacations is typically spring break and summer I wanted a February use year and so I think we ended up paying 35K for 250. So I think it was about 140 bucks a point direct and so and at the time the 50 said the old Key West 57s were around the 130. So it was about a 10 point you know $10 for me.

09:29 – Chad (Host)
That's a no brainer, dude, that's a no brainer. Yeah, that's so $10 a point, 250 points. You know $2,500 to be able to be locked in for 2057. You're going to be able to use your points any place you want.

09:45 – David Lewis (Guest)

09:46 – Chad (Host)
And you can get the blue card, the benefits, the annual passes like a family of four. What you'd save on annual passes alone, you could make up to $2,500 and probably two sets of annual passes for your family.

09:57 – David Lewis (Guest)
Yeah, and we're family of five. Even so, even Okay.

09:59 – Chad (Host)
Yeah, so not even two years of annual passes and you've broken even on that extra cost, plus the 10% discount here and there or wherever else. Yeah, I mean, we're huge fans of resale here, we're huge fans of indirect. They just got to do the math on it and figure out what's best for your family. Somebody was coming in with $2,500 difference. For me. I'm taking the direct route all day long. All day long, easy, easy.

10:26 – David Lewis (Guest)
I mean, I would probably even go to even maybe 20 to $25 difference. I still think the benefits are worth it. But in this case, that 10 bucks, and I figured you know what I need to wait three to five years and then it will probably surpass what I paid. And so you know if I wanted to sell it. Well, my theory is is that it goes up in price until it hits year 20 and then maybe it starts to level out or go down. So I got a good at the time. I had 17 years to use it before it hits 20 year.

10:51 – Chad (Host)
Yeah, we don't know what's going to happen there, because Beach Club really hasn't really seen that happen. But the regular old QS, the non extended, is starting to tank bureau starting to tank. But we don't know if that's COVID, we don't know if that's timeframe, we don't. We don't know what that is, but it's. It's at some point in time the bubble's going to burst on this, which is why, when I got ready to sell my resale stuff Beach Club is my favorite resort here, but I dumped it first. I dumped it first because I don't want to be holding that back come 2042. Yeah Well, that's what I go through it.

11:23 – David Lewis (Guest)
And you know, and so that's why I went through is my, that's what kind of helped me get into it, right, is I'm like okay, so basically I can pay 35 K and and I can talk how I did that. I totally worked the Southwest system and I feel like I paid 20 K of that off like within one trip. But then I get free vacations, or at least a lodging part, for 17 years, and by 17 years from now, if the mouse keeps buying them back, which they need to start doing again to get the, to get the reseller rates up then I basically run 17 years of free vacations and I probably made some money on it.

11:55 – Chad (Host)
Yeah, or 17 years for the cost of your dues, which is still pretty dang cheap, right, right.

Sorry, yeah, the dues, and then the opportunity cost of what that that 35 K would have yielded in an investment, obviously. But you know it's you kind of got to do the math on this stuff and that's what we're big fans of here is like do your math, do your homework and whatever you decide for your family, that's cool, we'll be friends, right. You know, I don't care if you're direct, I don't care if you're resale, like I, we're friends with everybody. I just want to help people make an informed decision about what's best for their family. And the way we do that is by talking with you to get your take on it. And that helps other people make up their mind. And that's the beautiful part of this show and why these interviews.

I stopped doing them for a while and people just like broke out the pitchforks and we're like Chad, what happened to the interviews? And I'm like well, people quit signing up for them and we lost our lead recruiter when Marianne went from chief interview coordinator to live show co-host. That's kind of the story. So if anybody's looking for a part-time fun deal to do in the DVC community, we're always recruiting for some help and somebody to schedule and coordinate interviews would just be the bomb. It's really just a matter of looking through the community groups and seeing who's posting a lot and going, hey, this sounds like a good person to bring on the show and reaching out to them and lining it all up. But she did a phenomenal job at that. So I'm kind of mourning the loss of Marianne. Awesomeness here, yeah. Yeah. She's still doing awesome stuff on the live show and we love Marianne to death. Right, can't say enough great things about her. But yeah, that's the story. So, ok, now his add on it has kicked in since this time.

13:35 – David Lewis (Guest)
Oh, it has. It has One more thing on that last story. So I would say that what really clinched it was when we did that trip to Caribbean Beach. Five of us in one room oh my goodness, that was the last time we're going to travel like that, and so with the DVC.

13:49 – Chad (Host)
I was doing the one bedroom. I've said it before, David, Doors are a beautiful thing.

13:54 – David Lewis (Guest)
Yes, Doors, bedrooms, kitchen, laundry, I mean, you name it. Two bedrooms is just kind of our deal. And so, leading to the next question of add on, it is yeah, 250 gets you, you know. I mean, if you're renting deluxe gets you great. If you're renting one bedrooms, you can probably work for you. But when you're doing the two bedroom shirt, old Key West which we just did a couple of weeks ago, worked great. But when you're doing pretty much anything else besides Saratoga, old Key West and Animal Kingdom, you're needing more than 250 points. Yeah, 250, ain't gotten it, no more, no.

So I started looking at resale and resale is a really good price right now and again it comes back to I just want to know that I can use all my points at any future resort going forward. And the Disneyland Hotel was coming out Now. I didn't buy there because it was just way too much. So what I did is, when Grand Floridian was having that fire sale oh my goodness. Again I ran the numbers, got 150 points with magic beginnings, and we were staying on property in November, so they gave me another 1,500 off. Plus I was already an owner, so I got that discount. We ended up getting it, I think, for basically $165 a point, which now that it's sold out, I guarantee I just made a good $30 to $50 a point in the next year, probably as soon as Disney starts buying something back and their resale goes up to $200 plus.

15:17 – Chad (Host)
Yeah, we're not far from $165 right now on the resale market.

15:21 – David Lewis (Guest)
Right. So, even after our break, even now, but before they even came out with this, what was it going for? $220, $230 or something like that, yeah, it was insane.

15:29 – Chad (Host)
It was insane, definitely insane.

15:31 – David Lewis (Guest)
Well, I feel like I got a great deal on that one, so it was almost too good to pass up. So I waited till the very last day to kind of like what you guys have said, see what the new incentives are coming out. And I talked to my guy at DVC and he's like he kind of told me what was coming out. It wasn't even close. So I'm like let's do it. Yeah. When they announced final call on Grand Floridian.

15:51 – Chad (Host)
That final call sale was it Because the next set of incentives that came out were not pretty and they were like those incentives after final call are like well, if you still want it because our other marketing is still working and you want to buy this, we're really just going to like make hay white as sun is shining while we got these points and just ream over to last few buyers of this resort. And but if you can catch it when it's on them, fire sales. And right now I think is a pretty good sale that there's like a pre-Christmas sale that's just running just for Christmas time, where they took the published incentives and they added on another grander. So now is a pretty good time If you're looking at buying direct.

16:31 – David Lewis (Guest)
I'm just saying Well, there's other discounts they don't advertise, and so I would even ask whoever your agent is. I mean, I didn't even know about the $1,500 savings for staying on property.

16:43 – Chad (Host)
Yeah for having another vacation booked yeah.

16:46 – David Lewis (Guest)
You have another book. Yeah, and it was later. I mean I had it later. I mean I could have canceled it. I didn't, but I could have, but I had it booked and I got it. Well, the thing of it is, it's like you're a.

16:54 – Chad (Host)
DVC member. You should always be having a vacation on the books and unless you're going beyond 11 months from now, like you, should always have something on the books Like this is the way a DVC works.

17:06 – David Lewis (Guest)
Exactly. So that's what I did there and then on both of those purchases I also feel pretty good because I definitely worked the companion pass system with Southwest. So, with getting basically companion pass extra on each of those plus all the points for Southwest, feel like I made another 10 to 15,000 over both of those purchases, at least just companion passes and points.

17:28 – Chad (Host)
Yeah, and what you're talking about here is you paid for your contract with a credit card, which we can do and get the points on Yep Right. Yep, exactly. That's awesome, like if you do it on the Southwest one, get Southwest points, and the pro insider tip there is to buy it with a Chase Sapphire Reserve card, because you'll get 3x points on the DVC purchase and 3x points on loan principal payments on it as well. So that's just gonna wrap up the points.

17:57 – David Lewis (Guest)
Oh my goodness, so I gotta do it all over again. Is that what you're saying?

18:01 – Chad (Host)
Hey, you gotta rinse and repeat, David.

18:03 – David Lewis (Guest)
Wait. So if you do that, what you just said, and then you transfer all the points over to Southwest, they'll still count towards the companion pass.

18:10 – Chad (Host)
That does not give you companion pass credit.

18:13 – David Lewis (Guest)
that way, so you have this on a Southwest card. Okay, so I was still good at all this, but if you sign up, for the two cards, the personal and the business.

18:21 – Chad (Host)
You put the minimum spend on those right about now. I think today recording is the last day for this killer promotion. But yeah, you can hit those two cards. They'll unlock enough to give you companion pass from the minimum spend and then put all your other spend on the Sapphire cards where you actually earn more.

18:38 – David Lewis (Guest)
There you go. See, I just learned something else. I love it. I love it.

18:41 – Chad (Host)
Yeah, that's kind of the way this works is like I'm not only do I do the DVC thing, but I also, like the back of my brain, is an optimizer and an analyst, and it's like I gotta figure out the optimal way to do everything Because I don't have enough money to accomplish all of my mouse goals and I've got big mouse goals, david, so I just gotta like work my systems in the background to get more mouse for whatever limited money I have.

19:09 – David Lewis (Guest)
That's just the way I don't remember. If I don't remember, I need you to send me some of your spreadsheets.

19:15 – Chad (Host)
I know you can Google like ask sebi calculators on companion pass and some other things, and he's a credit card guy. Ask sebisebbycom and you'll get some good credit card info and points from him as well. That's a pro tip out there and a shout out to my buddy, sebi. So the grand flow hit now. Has any other ad on it has come along, david, or are we good for now?

19:39 – David Lewis (Guest)
Well, so 400 is good. I mean, I only have someone's money, right? You can only buy what. What do you say? What's the phrase Only buy what?

19:46 – Chad (Host)
what you can reasonably afford.

19:48 – David Lewis (Guest)
Okay, well, I've tapped out. Okay, so I'm tapped out on that for now, but what I think I might do and we'll have to see, we'll have to see what kind of incentives come, but you know, those old Key West points have high dues and I might want to be dumping one of those. So if, when the poly tower comes on, if it's a really good price and I can basically dump my two old Key West points 57s for at least close to what maybe 200 points would be over there, then I would do that. Or I mean, if they're not probably going to go up in a lot in the next couple of months, because I think that's coming out early next year. But yeah, I'm thinking about it.

But no, 400 is good. The other thing is I love Elani and I've got a book partly tripped or partly booked for next summer, because I was there at seven months. You know, clicking, clicking, accept, and it was weird because I got the Monday or the Sunday and then the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. But I need that Monday and so if I had just had 11 months window I could have got the Monday, and so it's so cheap on the resell website that I've looked into that. But no 400 right now. My wife would kill me if I, if I probably bought anymore.

20:58 – Chad (Host)
Yeah, well, I mean, this is why we go to work, David. We go to work to earn more money, to get more points and get a little more mouse, like that's hi. My name is Chad and I'm an addict, right, exactly, exactly. So I'm the addict.

21:11 – David Lewis (Guest)
She likes the nice hotels, which is another reason why we love DVC because she grew up going on vacations to like nice hotels. I grew up going to the theme parks, so I like the activity of the theme parks, she likes going to really nice hotels, and so for us it works. But yeah, I don't know if I can. I can't do any more right now, so 400 is good 400 is good, we're gonna make do with that, yeah.

21:31 – Chad (Host)
Well then let me ask you this, david, I know you got an Elani trip coming up, but what else is on your DVC bucket list moving forward?

21:38 – David Lewis (Guest)
I mean all of them. All of them, I want to hit every one of them. Love to do vero soon, so maybe piece that with. You know one of the other Disney worlds I haven't done yet. Or or you know a cruise or something, hilton head, I don't know, I haven't looked. I mean I want to hit all of them, just so I can check off the box. It says I hit them all. Yeah, but I think that's probably the one that I'm not super excited to go to Hilton head, and especially since it's not on the beach, but pretty much all the other ones I want to hit. So so far I've done Saratoga, I've done Beach Club, kadani village, I've done old Key West. Have you?

stated your home of grand flow yet no, I just got that one. But but my son and I, when we were out there a couple of weeks ago at old Key West I mean, I just stayed at old Key West for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I've owned it for a couple of years now oh, elani, I did Elani, I've done, I did Elani. That was my first DVC stay was at Elani. It was during COVID. We had a cruise book, like on March 25th, like you know, right when COVID started and the cruise was canceled and so we're able to, right when Elani had reopened up. So might have been a year later, but we just needed to get away as a family. So I was able to get five nights at Elani, which is actually, I think, about the perfect time. There, got a two bedroom and that was our first actual stay.

22:51 – Chad (Host)
Yeah, I'm with you there about five, four or five nights and I'm good at Elani. I'm ready to Island Hop. I'm ready to do something else there. It's yeah, there's only so many times I can go around that lazy river there.

23:04 – David Lewis (Guest)
I do two days on, two days off. So I do two days kind of going around the island and then two days chilling on the two chilling at the hotel. So I think that's about the perfect time that I leave like can't wait to come back, but not overstayed, you know.

23:17 – Chad (Host)
Yeah, yeah, I think we were there eight days last time and it was a little bit much. So this summer 4-5 is what we're shooting for, and then, yeah, we're looking at three days at Disneyland Hotel the new two bedrooms there I've got on the books, so I'm looking forward to that one as well. Now, have you been to Jombo at all? I didn't hear a Jombo there.

23:36 – David Lewis (Guest)
Well, so before this cruise that got canceled, I actually had, you know, I had like 130 points left over from something I can't. I don't know if we sold a bunch back and it was like I can't remember how I had those left over. But we're going on a cruise with war at Royal Caribbean, so not Disney. But before the cruise we were gonna stay one of the three bedrooms with the pool table and everything Over there at Jombo. Then the cruise got canceled. So so, no, I haven't stated Jombo, but if I went back to animal kingdom, that would be my preference.

24:06 – Chad (Host)
Yeah yeah, those three bedrooms at Jombo are pretty epic Any of the flat three bedrooms like the ranch style I'm in. I'm not a big fan of the up and down stairs, but I think Baylight Tower might convince me otherwise I that's a pretty epic window view there, two stories up. So we'll we'll have to give that one a try one of these days. We just toured it. Well, let me ask you this question then, david if Tinkerbell were to put 2001 time use points into your account that she had personally pixie dusted to book anything in the DVC system With guaranteed availability as their pixie dusted points, how would you spend tanks 2000 pixie dusted points?

24:45 – David Lewis (Guest)
Well, chad, I got the penny pincher option and I got the. Okay, if I can't do this other option, then I'll do that one. So, again, one of my bucket list is to visit all the parks. So I would rent out all 2000 points to the DVC rental store and then go and stay at all the other parks, so the Asian parks, the European park and and get you know, just pay for hotels because it'll be cheaper than transferring into the hotel system. So that's probably what I do.

If not, if I had to get DVC units themselves, I would probably do a couple, three bedrooms, bring a bunch of the family, depending how long grand flow. Three bedroom looks pretty sweet as well, but I also love Disneyland. So I'd probably just travel around, you know, between Land and world and get as much as I could, but I would want to bring people with me. So, depending who I brought with I've brought my cousin and his family would be a two bedroom. If it was more than that, then we then need to get two, two bedrooms or a three bedroom, depending Depending who I brought.

25:39 – Chad (Host)
So yeah, that's awesome. I know DVC rental store would be glad to get those 2000 points. Yeah, especially if you were to give them like run Disney weekends or some sweet stuff like that that would like be it going at a premium. So that that's what I would do with the points If I was trying to go to the international route. I'd be like cherry picking the run Disney weekends and the suite rooms there and then just jacking the price up on the rental store. It.

26:06 – David Lewis (Guest)
I got no shame, 2000, 2000 points at 16 bucks a point, which I know. Sometimes they have deals at 18 or more. But let's say to 16 bucks a point, 32 thousand dollars. I think I got a bunch of Disney vacations in there for that.

26:19 – Chad (Host)
I definitely do, and if you did a point swap with them and use them as your TA to book it all, they might even get a little, even sweeter deal in that one as well.

26:27 – David Lewis (Guest)
So exactly, exactly.

26:29 – Chad (Host)
Yeah, I'd be asking for some credits or something along those lines and definitely doing that. Okay, so it sounds like you're good with your points for right now. David, we kind of got the the bucket list going forward. Having been through this whole process, is there any advice you would give somebody who's listening to the show that's on the fence about buying DVC?

26:46 – David Lewis (Guest)
Yeah, if you can be disciplined and buy DVC, whether you do director or resell and I would do direct if it was me, but it is to pin on the deal but if you can do it and you're disciplined to sell it at the 20 year mark, I think you're gonna get a bunch of free vacations or dues, whatever the dues are, and then basically make money as an investment back.

We're not guaranteed that, but what's history has shown so far? I think it's kind of a no-brainer. And then what I do, if you're gonna go direct, I think pro tip of the day is you buy the hundred fifty point or whatever. The minimum at that time is. Right now it's, you know, 150 points for the blue card and then you you buy another contract for whatever amount of points you get. So if you do 250 points, I would do 150 and 100, so that if you ever need to piece off that 100 and get some money back, you still have your 150 that counts for your blue card. And so that's why I did the 125 on my 250 One cuz then I could give it to different kids.

27:42 – Chad (Host)
Or if we just needed to Sell a hundred twenty five off and keep 125, we could still do that, so that's what I would do yeah, yeah, I call that being mindful of the exit strategy and that is like some key advice to buying direct and really buying resale as well, because every now and then you'll see five, six hundred Contracts out there on resale and they're at an insanely low price. But there's very few buyers that can be coming up with 50, 60 grand to buy a 600 point contract Like it's just, it's not there. And so if you've got that and you know you're going to use them, hey that's another story. But I wouldn't intentionally go out of my way to like buy the big contracts. I'm with you.

I like my exit strategy. I like to know if something happens I can shave off in the back of my mind. Here's what I'm going to do With me owning Disneyland Tower, polly and Copper Creek. I've got a bunch of 50-pointers at Copper Creek and I know if I ever had to sell something, I'm amputating a Copper Creek contract and as soon as those are done, then if I was really dire I'd have to amputate the Polly's. But now, with the new Tower and if it does really truly end up being the same condo association and DVC sticks behind that statement then those are going to be worth even more to me, because now I'm going to be able to bank, borrow and get one bedrooms.

And one bedrooms on the monorail will be sweet.

29:03 – David Lewis (Guest)
Yes, absolutely.

29:04 – Chad (Host)
Well, that's awesome. David, I want to thank you so much for joining the show today and thanks for coming, Mick, back in and sharing your story.

29:11 – David Lewis (Guest)
Well, thanks for doing the show. I always love when I see them pop up in my podcast and I get a little excited to drive to work that day. So thanks for putting them out. Appreciate it all about your work.

29:20 – Chad (Host)
Yeah, yeah, we like making people's days as well. So if you would like to share your DVC story, we ask that you do have a couple of years experience. But you can go over to mydvcpointscom. We'll look it over and then send you a link that you can schedule a time with me to sit down and record. That puts another episode in the books. I'd like to do a huge shout out of thanks to our sponsors over at World of DVC, including DVC Rentals Store, dvc Resale Market and Monera Financial, and also a huge shout out of thanks to our Patreon members. If our show has been a blessing to your family, consider going on over to Patreon as well so you can help offset some of the costs of the show.

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31:03 – Voice Over (Other)
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