My DVC Points
My DVC Points
Buying Villas at Disneyland Hotel and DVC Guardians of the Galaxy Screen and Scream Event

Chad and Gina discuss buying points at the Villas at Disneyland Hotel, and Dave does a review of the Guardians of the Galaxy paid member event at EPCOT. Episode 249

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Friends Don't Let Friends Buy 125 Points

Gina looked at the point charts and realized she needed 122 points for her ideal two staycations a year at the Villas. She rounded up to 125 points and bought that amount of points. Her guide suggested 125; however, she stuck with 125 points. When she told Chad about this decision, he ran some quick math. At 150 points, you get $20 a point developer incentive. The cost difference between 125 points and 150 points is $3,250. By moving up to 150, Gina could purchase another 25 direct fully featured points at an effective rate of $130 a point. Chad argued she would never ever be able to buy 25 points at such a reasonable rate and needed to call her guide to get things changed.

DisneylandForward is Coming – Buy Villas at Disneyland Hotel Now

Chad was on the fence about buying at Disneyland Hotel. The point charts are high, the transient taxes are high, and let's not forget, this is the only DVC resort openly stating we may end up charging for parking. Gine pointed out that Disneyland executives are actively meeting with the city and residents to pitch the Disneyland Forever project. This project will convert Downtown Disney and the parking lots for Disneyland Hotel and Pixar Place into theme park expansions. If more likely, when this happens, this DVC tower will be surrounded by theme parks. You can look out of your room into Wakanda, Pandora, and Frozen's Arendale. Gina rationalized I don't care if I have to pay for parking. I get to stay in the middle of the best theme park on the planet. I'm right there.

Chad quickly realized his family would expand over time. Within the next 50 years, he will bring his son/daughter-in-law and grandchildren to Disneyland. They will want a Grand Villa, a two-bedroom unit, studios, or some combination of rooms. Now is the best time to buy this property. He may as well commit to 200 points vs. 150 points. At this point, we probably need a PSA warning about addonitis by joining the My DVC Points community. The addonitis is real.

Membership Extra Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Screen and Scream Event

Dave and Chad planned to attend the Guardians event at Disney Springs AMC and EPCOT. However, Chad had a last-minute trip work trip to DC scheduled and had to miss out. This was a paid membership extra event. For $89, you got a ticket on opening day to private screenings of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, food and drinks at the movie, and a three-hour event at EPCOT from 10 pm to 1 am. The EPCOT event included food, dance parties, and walk-on access to Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and Test Track. This was Dave's family's first time riding Cosmic Rewind, and they loved it. The food and drink was plentiful. The move started with a special message from Josh D'Amaro.

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