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C004 New Disneyland DVC Tower Info and What Should Prospective Members Know Before Buying DVC?

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Join the conversation with Chad, Brian, and Lauren. Some huge news this week on the Disneyland DVC Tower. We have room counts, floor plans, and some approvals! We're researching a podcast series and want to know your thoughts. What should prospective members know before buying DVC? What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

Peter from put together a summary about the DVC Tower from the 1609 page document released by the City of Anaheim.

Two weeks ago we covered a fundraiser for a family that's not only our DVC neighbor, but a family who's story felt a lot like the typical member of the My DVC Points community. We have an estimate that our efforts almost raised $1000. If you'd like to contribute the link is below. It would be nice to hit the $1000 goal.

On Saturday, July 11, 2020, at 11:10 PM, Karen Andolino-Pellegrino left this world, but she left it a better one than she found it. A Registered Nurse and Family Nurse Practitioner for over 22 years, Karen's compassion, knowledge, and dedication left a lasting impression on all of those she came in contact with, patient and colleague alike. Letters of thanks and praise from patients about her exceptional care were commonplace, and published articles in both medical journals and local periodicals showcased her skill and love for her profession. Multiple bouts and surgeries due to cancer that ultimately took her from us far too soon never stopped her from returning to work, nor did it decrease her drive to help her patients, who would often wait for her to be working before they would seek treatment at whichever facility she was at. Karen was often asked for by name by patients when they arrived at the ER. After meeting at work and dating for a few years, and a storybook engagement in her most favorite and “happiest place on Earth”, Walt Disney World, right in front of Cinderella's castle, Karen was married to her best friend, James for almost 12 years, and exemplified what it is to be a wife, companion, and mother to their daughter, Charlotte. Annual trips to Disney World helped cement Charlotte's belief in the wonder and magic of life. Karen always basked in the wide eyes and smile of her daughter during these trips, and would always remind Charlotte to never lose that sense of wonder. Karen is survived by her parents, brother, nieces, husband, daughter, and many, many family members who made up a close-knit group of love and support. Friends of Karen's on Facebook are encouraged to leave a post of your Karen Story. Let us know how Karen has impacted your life so Charlotte can have a more complete picture of what an amazing woman her mother was. Donations can continue to be made to the family on this GoFundMe site

Update from the family's Go Fund Me page.

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