Community Hall Live!
Community Hall Live!
C013 Team Vero Beach vs Team Hilton Head: DVC Beach Resort Debate

With restricted hours at the theme parks, a lot of DVC members are considering using their points at the Atlantic beach resorts. Which one do you visit? Are you Team Vero Beach or Team Hilton Head? Join the conversation with Chad, Sandy, Derek, Catherine, Susanna, and Roxanne as we compare and contrast and ask listeners to participate in our interactive poll at Crowd.Live/DVC.

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Community Hall Live 9/20/2020

Here's the cast's collaborative show notes that we used to prepare for today's show. Please note, the notes are just that notes that you may want to use for reference.


Room Options:

  • HHI
    • Studio (sleep 4)
    • 1 bed (sleep 5)
    • 2 bed (sleep 9)
    • 3-bedroom grand villa (sleeps 12)
  • Vero
    • Deluxe inn room std view (sleeps 4)
    • Deluxe Studio (sleep 4)
    • Deluxe inn room oceanview (sleeps 4)
    • One bed (sleep 5)
    • Two bed (sleep 9)
    • Three bed Beach cottage (sleeps 12)

Room size:

  • Vero
    • Inn Rooms 360 sq ft
    • Studios 375 sq ft
    • 1bed 880 sq ft
    • 2 bed 1275 sq ft
    • 3 bedroom beach cottage 2125 sq ft
  • HHI
    • Studio 455 sq ft
    • 1-bedroom 856 sq ft
    • 2 bedroom 1311 sq ft
    • 3-bedroom grand villa 2362 sq ft

Points Charts:

  • HHI points charts 2021
    • 1 night:  6-27
    • What’s the value of points used? Depending on when you go to hh (peak is summer) you will experience different things. I normally do one week at hh, (switching between def and August) and then 2 weeks at WDW and a 7-night cruise due to COVID we have scratched the latter and going summer and winter months for the foreseeable future. 6 points in December are crazy low and although the beach would be too cold the pools are heated and we did swim last December. 
  • Vero points charts 2021
    • 1 night: 10- 27 

2 VOTE:  Best Food and Beverage Options

On property food choices: 

Please elaborate on the quick service/ table service/ signature 

  • HHI
    • Signals at the beach house
    • Tide me over at the resort
      • & Pool bar across the pool deck as well at the beach house
    • Both locations close relatively early as there are not really dinner options on the property. 
    • Food options are very similar however across from Signals is the bar! Seating is available around both but limited by signals as it is upstairs. Signals (pre-COVID- are chairs that look over the beautiful marsh) 
  • Vero
    • Green Cabin Room (second-floor lounge, clubhouse feel, the best view of the ocean)
    • Wind and Waves Grill (Table service)
    • Wind & Waves Market (Quick Service)
    • Pool Bar
    • Seagrape Room (Reception Hall)
    • Character Dining
      • Donald & Goofy Pirate Party (Monday nights)
      • Donald & Goofy Beach Party Breakfast (Saturday Mornings) 

Off Property food Choices: 

Where have you been? What would you recommend?

  • HHI
    • Bbq- one hot mama- it is located in a strip of restaurants on the island all owned by the same person, parking can be difficult as well as long waits but excellent food, bar type atmosphere but kids are welcomed. On our last trip due to COVID, we choose to order and pick up although select delivery is available but the times were not accommodating to our schedule (delish – we ate here too)
    • Boathouse – (known as skull creek) there are two restaurants and they are across from each other one is dockside and one is boathouse) we have only eaten inside but the food is amazing 
    • Marley’s Island Grill (counter service) Fishcamp on Broad Creek, Low Country Backyard BBQ, Java Burrito Co, Hudson’s Seafood, Poseidon Coastal Cuisine, Skull Creek Boathouse, Skull Creek Dockside (preferred this one), Westin hotel restaurant (oceanfront), Marriott Barony Bay quick service for lunch
    • Many off-property restaurants offer Blue Card DVC Member discounts
      • Do they demand a blue card?  Would white digital card work? 
  • Vero
    • Southern Social (mac & cheese with dumplings for noodles, brisket fried rice)
    • Mrs. Mac’s Fillin’ Station
      • Great Cars themed diner – our bell-hop at Bay Lake Tower recommended it to us!
    • Mulligan’s – dine with your feet in the sand
    • Squid Lips – seafood, burgers – the restaurant is on a pier! 
    • Orchid Island Pizzeria- Italian owned-great pizza, dinners, salads, etc. Within walking distance, to the hotel, as it sits on the North end of the property. Big pizzas and great for in-room dining.
    • Kilted Mermaid-A fun, funky atmosphere, and great food & wine. Some of our favorites include Cheese and Charcuterie plates, Cheese Fondues(amazing), craft beers & wines, and desserts. Opens at 5 pm and fills up quickly. 
    • Taco Dive- Casual dine-in or Take Out excellent tacos. Small seating area so we pick up and bring back to the resort. They have a bar where you can enjoy a cocktail while waiting for your order. It’s a popular place so call ahead. We enjoyed poolside tacos.
    • Casey’s Place- Excellent window service offering burgers & fries plus retro atmosphere & patio tables with umbrellas.
    • Crab Stop- Fun environment, yummy food, and two locations near the resort. Sebastian is the closest to the property and is on the beach. Indoor/outdoor seating available. DVC Discount 10% 
    • Vero Caffe- Gelato, Pastries, Quiche, Coffee, etc. Just all yum! 
    • Publix Grocery Store- One thing we always do is stop by a local Publix and stock up, Food, Beer & Wine, and pool/beach accessories. They even have a Thanksgiving Meal you can order and enjoy in your room, we annually are there for this holiday.  

3 VOTE:  Best Resort Recreation Activities

On property Activities: 

please elaborate: both have community halls, etc

  • HHI
    • There is no designated area as a community hall on hh but they utilize spaces both upstairs in a community room for talks educational sessions and use the benches right by the pool for all activities. I think we have done every activity they have offered my kids absolutely love this and I do too. I’m a big crafter and absolutely love these types of things as a memory and a keepsake ( items to include salt scrub, pillows, painting with character, adult character, wreath making, gyotaku ( was fun but I haven’t seen it offered in a while ) tie-dye shirts) 
    • There are also nature walks with Cassie – educational sessions learning about fish, turtles, the area. 
    • And of course, tales with B'lou Crabbe which is a stable of hh- offering music and tales of the deep south- both of these people are amazing personal friends of mine- 
      • B’lou does magic tricks
    • while not an activity per se no trip is complete without a meet n greet with shadow (usually with Cassie/ B'lou or Michelle) 
    • Unique tie-dye – you can do Shadow’s paw
    • Campfire with smores
    • There are also activities at the Live Oak Lodge near the lobby
    • Fishing off the pier
  • Vero: (I’ll hunt down an activity calendar(Changes Weekly) – refer to Vero Review Show)
    • Turtles 
      • biologist talks
      • Meet turtle sniffing dogs
      • Baby Turtle releases in the morning
      • Turtle walks
    • Discovery Club – kids’ club for 3 hours ($)
    • Mickey tie-dye
    • Beach Party at the Pool every Thursday with give-aways
    • Waterslide races with prizes
    • Un-birthday Parties for an hour twice a week for the kids
    • Sandcastle building contests
    • DJ on Saturdays at the pool
    • Paper plane contests in the lobby
    • Mini-golf 9-hole
    • Basketball, tennis, bike rentals, walking butterfly trails, soccer, ShuffleBoard 
    • Stargazing
    • Campfire & smores
    • Noticed they’re now doing movies on the bowling lawn at night
  • X-Box/PlayStation area for gaming, games complimentary at the Front Desk 
  • Pool Toys-Noodles, Balls etc. Special seating area off the Lobby.
  • For Rental at the beach-Lounge Chairs & Umbrellas, Cabanas, Body Boards, Wave Runners, Kayaks, Surf Lessons and more. DVC Discount
  • Picnic Areas, BBQ Grill.
  • Corn Hole.
  • Hammocks(a few) throughout the property for R&R.
  • Classic Disney Cartoons playing in a seating area for viewing.
  • The SPA is AMAZING and DVC Members get a discount. 

4 VOTE:  Best Off Property Activities

Off Property Activities: 

What have you done?

  • HHI
    • Seafari- dolphin tour with donuts – right across the marina in shelter cove – you can walk to it and can be booked through Disney 
    • We are very big on looking for unique experiences and fell in love with the mermaid of Hilton Head, we have now done the photo shoot twice and have done the dolphin/ mermaid tour once ! In the first they dress you up as a mermaid in the latter you meet Nina the mermaid – kids love this
    • Does shopping count? Bcz I’m a sucker for shopping between coligny plaza and the outlets I can drop some serious cash, and as a nyer we don’t have simply southern I feel in love with that store
    • During the summer (pre covid) shelter cove hosts fireworks and music shows/ we have gone down but u can see the fireworks from the hotel
    • Rented a pontoon boat in Shelter cove – 3 hours and dolphins come right up to the boat
    • Mini golf – multiple places on the island, and lighthouse in Shelter Cove
    • Driving range and go carts
    • Golf – tip for kids is to go to “The First Tee” and play par 3 and driving range (very affordable)
  • Vero:
    • Anyone done Captain Christy’s tour for the manatees?
    • Kennedy Space Centre about an hour away
      • Went to a rocket launch
      • Can sometimes see rocket launches from the beach vero
    • Shopping-The Downtown area has cute little shops for Clothes, Jewelry, Home Accessories and Souvenirs. There is also a Pier with dining within walking distance. There is also a lot more shopping in what I call the “non tourist” areas with all major Dept. stores, strip malls etc. You can shop and eat at your favorites there. 

5 VOTE:  Best Ocean FRONT

Location: Atlantic 

Ocean is one closer to the ocean? Is one closer to shopping? etc

  • HHI
    • The villas are located on the marsh you cannot walk easily to the beach from your room like I hear vb is. 
      • Biking is huge on the island you can bike it to the beach house, take the complimentary shuttle or drive and park – we normally drive and park but u better get to the beach prior to 10:30 or there will be no parking spots that’s the only downside I have with this (it’s about a 5 minute drive between the two locations) 
  • Vero
    • Resort is oceanfront
      • Pier to get down to beach



  • vero 
    • has splash pad pirate ship (tiger Lilly)
    • Awesome lighthouse waterslide
    • Hot-tub
    • Mickey shaped pool
    • Poolside Activities for kids and adults.
  • HHI 
    • 2 pools – one at beach house and big dipper pool at the lodge
      • used to have a small very small splash pad it is now covered up I am not sure if that is a temporary situation due to covid or permanent 
      • Tiny Splash pad at beach house


  • HHI 
    • wide and shallow 
    • Hh beaches are the warmest temperatures I have ever experienced. I’m used to ny water and the carribean/ Bahamas and all I have to say is wow it’s like bath water! The water is very calm going in but don’t be fooled there can be some very strong waves. This last trip we loved finding so many sand dollars but daughter counted 33, they were all alive and yes we put them back. Also to note : the sand on hh is a hard packed sand which makes it excellent and popular for bike riding 
    • Great for walking/running in the morning – hard sand and very wide.  Water is like bath water…but there little jelly fish in the water that make you itch – be aware


  • vero has waves and the dip right at the shore
  • Good for shelling
  • Great sunrises
  • More turtle nests than people
  • Lots of beach rental available
    • Chairs
    • Umbrellas
    • Canopies
    • Kayaks
    • Boogie boards
  • For Rental at the beach-Lounge Chairs & Umbrellas, Cabanas, Body Boards, Wave Runners, Kayaks, Surf Lessons and more. DVC Discount

7 VOTE:  Unique features

  • Vero
    • Playground is contained in the pool area by a fence along with the splash pad, mini-golf, big waterslide and pool
  • HHI
    • Separate Beach house
      • Shuttle or parking
      • Pool with volleyball net
      • Clubhouse
    • There is a playground on hh we always try to use the outdoor bbq by it so the kids can play while we watch them and we can cook! We do this every year
    • There is plenty of parking on the villa side but as I have mentioned prior limited on the beach house 
    • The volleyball net is on the beach house side
    • Other features not mentioned: there is BACCi outside on the villa side and a pool table in Old Murgees den as well as a photo machine and if you have an ap those photos can be tied digitally to your account if you do not have an ap any worries you can print out the photos and it’s free
    • Kids loved the Bacci ball right outside our room’s courtyard/balcony
    • Huge balconies with rocking chairs – was our favorite thing for wine at night/coffee in the morning so relaxing watching kids and wildlife/birds from the balcony 
  • Vero 
    • Tunnel to other property
    • Walking trails
    • The Spa
    • Move pool activities to the inn building if thunder
    • Mickey-shaped pool 
    • Turtles