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C017 DCA Opens Buena Vista Street & Carthay Circle

Disneyland is making headlines this week. On the positive news, DCA's Buena Vista Street and Carthay Circle are reopening as an expansion to Downtown Disney in Anaheim.

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Disneyland Resort News

Buena Vista Street to Open shops/Dining at Disney CA Adventure park in Nov. Carthay Circle, Smokejumpers, Starbucks, and Carts will open. Yay for CA Disney churros.

When Can we expect DLR to open?:

With the highest spike occurring on Friday, we probably won’t open until there is a vaccine. And, like I said last week, if schools in Anaheim aren’t opened, Theme parks are not either.

I also visited SeaWorld San Diego, and people in CA are stubborn, so I get why Newsom is being so strict. Wear a mask!!! There weren’t enough ambassadors working to remind people. However, the orca encounter was spaced out and taped off. This  Made the outdoor venue for viewing very tolerable and nice. 

Due to the strict reopening guidelines, by the time Disneyland reaches their 1 case per 100 thousand benchmark, the pandemic may be near the end because in order to reach that benchmark you would need a widely available vaccine. However, we could see Disney try to fight back in any way they can because not only is Disney being hurt, the surrounding small business, hotels, and local eateries are also being affected by the lack of tourism. 

Disneyland Backlot Premier Shop Open:

This area is where the character meet ups were near muppet vision now philharmagic. It is an overflow shop of the World of Disney Merch.

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