Community Hall Live!
Community Hall Live!
C029 How Does Your Family Do DVC?

Each family does DVC differently. With so many options to choose from and various interests for each group, DVC offers something for everyone. Join Brad, Alicia, Vicky, Holly, & Dan as they discuss how they vacation with DVC.

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How do you vacation?

Every Member is different when they vacation in Disney. Some, are rope-drop to fireworks people. While others, enjoy time at a resort pool with the parks in the morning or evening. The best part is – there's no wrong way to vacation with DVC!

How do you use your points?

DVC offers flexibility when redeeming your vacation points. You can either use your allotment, bank points or borrow points (currently, you can only borrow 50% of your total allotment).

How do you do dining?

In Walt Disney World specifically, there's a few different options for dining:

  • Quick-Service
  • Table Service
  • Character Dining
  • Signature Dining

What's your room size?

in the DVC lineup, there's many options to choose from when selecting a unit size:

  • Studios
  • 1-Bedroom Villas
  • 2-Bedroom Villas
  • 3-Bedroom Grand Villas
  • Stand-Alone units (Cabins, Treehouses, & Bungalows)