My DVC Points
My DVC Points
C040 What DVC Perks Do You Want?

What are your favorite DVC perks during the pandemic? What perks would you like to see? What did we keep that should have been cut? Join the conversation as we discuss all things Perks, Parks, and Privileges for DVC Members.

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Summary – Last week we discussed the Perks that were taken away.  In this week’s show, we’re going to count our blessings and discuss DVC perks that endured the pandemic.

Question 1: Which perks are good that Disney/DVC kept?

Chad:  I was able to pick up Laura a DVC Dooney during the 30% off sale. Water Park tickets for $45 good any day of the year.  Everything on Micah’s Mouse Perks site. 

Brad: Member Nights at Splittsville

Amy: discounts on dining and merchandise, as much as we complain about only being able to borrow 50% of our points, our contracts say they could take away banking and borrowing completely. Free laundry 

Caleb: 10% off most Table Service Dining especially with no APs

Mary Anne:Epcot Lounge!  

Question 2: What perks were kept but shouldn’t have been?

Chad:  EPCOT Lounge.  There’s no way they should be staffing that lounge when member services has hours plus waits and nobody can get through.  There’s a solid 10-15 people that could be staffing the phones.  That’s 600-900 calls a day that they could be answering.

Brad:  Sorry… no perks should go away for me…

Amy: I like all my perks but there are some we will never use, like the early booking for cruises/ABD. 

Mary Anne:The ABD early reservation perk

Caleb: Early Reservations for cruises.

Question 3: What Perks Would You Like to See Going Forward?

Chad:  More Backstage Member Tours:  Haunted Mansion, Flight of Passage, Space Mountain, Monorail Garage.  4th Fast Pass for a C-D Ticket Attractions.  DVC Resort Operations Overview held in a Community Hall.  What does it take to make resort magic happen?

Brad:  Members Only Soarin Tour, Disney After Hours/Glowin at Water Park, Tour Discounts

Amy: Member events, like the splitsville nights. A DVC lounge in every park (we can dream, right?), Just more ways for members to meet each other. More evening activities/events when the parks close early. I feel like the “vibe” at HHI is different because for the most part, everyone there is DVC. It’s not an exclusivity thing, it’s just that DVC members get each other 🙂 

Mary Anne Any events, AP discounts, and please please Bring back Top of the World!!!

Caleb: Early/Late Park Entry Extra Magic Hours

Producer & Director: Gina Grotsky

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