Be Our Guest on a Show

Be Our Guest on a Show

Casting Closed for Season 4 (July-Dec 2020)

  • Our producers have done a wonderful job casting Season 4 of the My DVC Points Podcast.
  • Feel free to continue with the form as we're always recruiting and looking for DVC members to help create content.
  • Community Hall Podcast is always recruiting for people to join our live shows.
  • We'll Start Recording Season 5 of the Show in Late November 2020 to be aired in the first half of 2021!

We're an Awesome DVC Member Community!

Do you have a positive, respectful, and authentic story to share about being a DVC Member? If so, we would like to invite you to share your story and become an MVP. Once you've joined our podcasts or live shows and shared your story, we consider you a Most Valuable Pointer in the My DVC Points Community.

Sharing everyday DVC member stories is our specialty.

High-Level Process Overview:

  • Fill out our questionnaire so that we can learn more about you.
  • Our producers will contact you to confirm receipt and/or set up a time to go over your answers and let you know when we could record.
    • For the My DVC Points Podcast, our producer will write interview questions after reviewing your submission.
      • We try to use personal interviews as a stepping-stone to our other shows.
      • We want our audience to get to know you and your story before stepping into news and opinion shows.
      • Generally speaking, we air most interviews within 6 months after recording.
      • Occasionally, something happens and we cannot air an interview.
    • For the Community Hall Live show, our producers will contact you with an outline a few days before the show date.
    • For the DVC Newscast show, time is of the essence. We're still working out a process to coordinate newscasters. The newscast team is the most challenging to staff as it requires flexible schedules, studio-quality gear (mic and audio-interface), and well-spoken individuals that require minimal editing.
      • We're still recruiting team members for this show.
        • Assistant Producer – Determine what's newsworthy and what's not. Write show outline, show notes, and create the episode artwork. Google Docs, WordPress, Grammarly, and Snagit.
        • Assistant Editor / Audio Engineer – Basic audio editing skills with Descript or your choice of audio editing software. (Audition, Audacity, etc).