Share Your Story, Experiences, and Magical Memories

Share Your Story, Experiences, and Magical Memories

At My DVC Points, we take pride in the fact we've had over 200 DVC members share their opinions, experiences, and magical memories on the show. Our mission is very clear. Create content that helps members and prospective members make an educated and informed decision about what's best for their families. In order to achieve this mission, we need people who can respectfully share their honest and authentic stories, experiences and magical memories. We are slightly biased in that we're a fan-based community. However, we realize no company is perfect and there is always an opportunity to improve. If you can share an honest, authentic story in a respectful fashion, we want you to join our shows and earn the rank of “My DVC Points Storyteller.”

Casting Open for Season 5 (Jan-June 2021)

  • Season 5 of the My DVC Points podcast is recruiting for individual interviews and topical stories.
  • Community Hall Podcast is always recruiting for people to join our live shows.
  • We'll Start Recording Season 5 of the Show in Late November 2020 to be aired in the first half of 2021!

We're an Awesome DVC Member Community!

Do you have a positive, respectful, and authentic story to share about being a DVC Member? If so, we would like to invite you to share your story and become a My DVC Points Storyteller. Once you've joined our podcasts or live shows and shared your story, we consider you a Most Valuable Pointer in the My DVC Points Community.

Sharing everyday DVC member stories is our specialty.

High-Level Process Overview:

  • Please fill out our questionnaire so that we can learn more about you.
  • Our producers will contact you to confirm receipt and/or set up a time to go over your answers and let you know when we could record.
    • For the My DVC Points Podcast, our producer will write interview questions after reviewing your submission.
      • We try to use personal interviews as a stepping-stone to our other shows.
      • We want our audience to get to know you and your story before stepping into news and opinion shows.
      • Generally speaking, we air most interviews within 6 months after recording.
      • Occasionally, something happens, and we cannot air an interview.

We're Recruiting Volunteer Team Members – It All Starts by Sharing Your Story

  • Community Hall Live
    • Always recruiting guests for topical discussions. Contact the leadership team of this show to present an idea or let them know your expertise. (Gina Grotsky, Jake Anthony, or Brad Coates)
    • Regular Co-Host Spot Open – Looking for somebody with a lot of DVC experience, enthusiastic about the product, and has demographics that balance out the existing show.
    • Back-Up Live Show Producer – Control Camera Shots, Infographics, and Banners during the live show.
    • Audio-Visual Engineers – Manage the YouTube channel, Trim the Pre-show conversations, remix the audio with Intro and Outros from the podcast.
  • DVC Newscast – Fully Staffed at this Time
    • Two – Producer Co-Hosts
    • Two – Technical Co-Hosts
  • Mouse Quiz Livestream Trivia
    • Hosts – not just co-Hosts. We would like to see this show live past the pandemic and develop its own hosts.
    • Quiz Writers
    • On-screen co-hosts
    • Live Stream Producers