At My DVC Points, we take pride in the fact we've had over 300 DVC members share their opinions, experiences, and magical memories on the show. Our mission is very clear. Create content that helps members and prospective members make an educated and informed decision about what's best for their families. In order to achieve this mission, we need people who can respectfully share their honest and authentic stories, experiences and magical memories. We are slightly biased in that we're a fan-based community. However, we realize no company is perfect and there is always an opportunity to improve. If you can share an honest, authentic story in a respectful fashion, we want you to join our shows and earn the rank of “My DVC Points Storyteller.”  All members who come from a point of contribution are welcome to join our shows and our community.

Casting Open for Season 7 (Jan-June 2022)

  • Season 7 of the My DVC Points podcast is recruiting for individual interviews and topical stories.
  • Recording starts in November 2021 and runs through March 2021.
  • We're looking to do a review series on Bay Lake Tower, Boulder Ridge and Grand Floridian.
  • We'll be expanding our New Member Education Series