My DVC Points is a member serving members community.  We take pride in having over 400 DVC members share their opinions, experiences, and magical memories on the show.  Our community and conversations empower people to make educated and informed decisions about what's best for their families.  Sharing your story will help us achieve this mission.  

Casting for Seasons 10 and 11 (Air Dates – July 2023 to June 2024)

After we edit the show, you'll be proud to share out the show with your friends and family.  We'll take out pauses and filler words to make you sound awesome.
To help our editing team, you will need a quiet, distraction-free environment.  That may mean having somebody watch the pets and kids. Currently we're in high need for interviews.  However, we like to keep a backlog of recorded interviews.

Please allow 20-30 minutes to fill out the form.  We ask about 10 open ended questions.  If you listen to our shows, you'll be familar with the interview questions.


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