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Thank you for your interest in our point donation program.

We highly recommend contact DVC Rental Store to rent your points. Please note. This particular program is not sponsored by them. They have nothing to do with this program.

I've rented out points through them multiple times, and they're a great company to work with. At My DVC Points, our core value is to always make an informed and educated decision about what's best for your family. We believe renting points you cannot use through DVC Rental Store is a very wise decision that can financially benefit your family. That's we partner with them.

They sponsor our platform, and I do want to have a consistent message. However, they may not be able to find you a renter in these unprecedented times. They typically have you make a reservation and list that on their site. You may want to do that. If you don't find a renter and cannot use the reservation, we would rather see the points donated to a local cast member than to expire unused. Points are far too precious for that to happen.

As of 12/23, we matched up 5 cast members with a night or two stays. We offer this as a free no-strings-attached gift. We typically have alumni recipients nominate the next cast member family. Who do you know that could really use a cool gift from the My DVC Points community. We love cast members. They make our family vacations magical. If we have points we cannot rent nor use, we want to make magic for them. It's really that simple. Thus far, I've only asked one to share their story on the podcast because they're an active podcaster. We suggest local cast members because they do so much for our families. They're already local to Orlando so they don't have travel restrictions.

Historically speaking, we've also received enough cash donations so that we can cover a meal or necessary expenses for cast members to enjoy their stay. Many have faced severe income cuts and a gift isn't really a gift if they cannot afford to go.

If you would like to donate cash, we don't have a complicated system. You can PayPal money at PayPal.me/chadpennycuff. I can also accept money via Apple Pay, but you'll need to contact me to set that up. So far, we've given out over $400 in cash gifts to cast members in this program.

Thank you for your interest. If you'd like to know more, please use the form below.

Chad Pennycuff and the My DVC Points Community

Cast Your Points

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    We've booked points as quickly as the day before expiration before. The good news is that we're giving this away with no strings attached.
  • DVC Rental Store is a sponsor of My DVC Points. We always encourage people to consider rent their excess points if at all possible. I normal times, they have significantly more people wanting to rent points than they have members willing to give up their points. Due to the pandemic, we have an excess amount of points, excess availability in DVC, and a short supply of renters.
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