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My DVC Points
DVC Point Rental and Swaps Options

The DVC Point rental market is scorching hot! Paul Krieger from DVC Rental Store shares DVC Point Rental and new creative point swap options. Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, Universal, Incredible Vacation Homes, beach homes, and the Star Wars Galactic Star Cruiser. There's a magic triangle of point rentals; all three things must come together: room availability, a member to supply points, and a guest wanting to rent the points. Episode 234

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Point Swaps are a Much Better Value Using DVC Rental Store

Through DVC Rental Store's point swap program, members can access significantly more options and at a much better value than Disney Vacation Club. DVC direct pays members about $7.80 a point. DVC Rental Store will credit a member $16 to $18 a point towards the cost of alternative vacation options. Not to mention, DVC charges a $95 fee to transfer your vacation points into “reservation points.” Vacation points are what we usually use to book standard DVC rooms. However, when you want to book alternative vacations directly through Disney, you must convert your vacation points into reservation points. The point charts you see at for cruises are in vacation points. Some simple math of taking the opening day cash price for a cruise divided by the required vacation points will yield your effective dollar per point through Disney. On the rental store side, it's much easier because their standard rental rates apply. Instead of getting cash for your points, they will issue you a credit towards another vacation package of your choice.

Disney Vacation Club Vacation Point Options

  • Disney Cruise Line – Standard Cruises and DVC Chartered Cruises that are Member Exclusives
  • Adventures by Disney
  • Disney Resorts (Cash Rooms)
  • National Geographic Expeditions
  • Interval International – Hotel Exchange and Villa Exchange

DVC Rental Store's Point Swap Options

  1. Disney Cruise Line – – Access every public DCL offering through Be Our Guest Vacations.
  2. Adventures by Disney- Access every public ABD offering through Be Our Guest Vacations.
  3. Disney Resorts (Cash Rooms)
  4. Universal Resorts – Be Our Guest Vacations has access to tickets, annual passes, packages, and every public offering
  5. Incredible Vacation Homes – hundred of high homes in the Reunion Resort area of Orlando
  6. Beach House in Santa Maria Island
  7. The Star Wars Galactic Star Cruiser – Access every public “sailing” through Be Our Guest Vacations.
  8. Have a creative option? Contact DVC Rental Store – they may be able to work something out.

A question that keeps coming up from time to time is what Travel Agency does DVC Rental Store use? In recent years they have acquired Be Our Guest Vacations and use them for all of their swap programs. Note – Be Our Guest Vacations is a complete travel agency with options beyond just Disney.

DVC Point Rentals Economics 101

When you compare Disney's rack rate for a DVC villa to the points required for the room, you'll find a DVC point worth $30 to $35. Disney has an army of travel agents selling DVC inventory at these high rates. Many of the travel agents I know could sell more DVC rooms for cash rate if they had them available. The demand to stay in a DVC deluxe villa is incredibly high. Savvy consumers know they can rent DVC points at a 40% discount and pay anywhere from $20 to $26 per point. Members get paid $16 to $18 per point. The difference between what a renter pays and what the member gets paid to cover the broker's expenses and profit. For the record, finding renters. And members is a lot of work and this match. Brokers have credit card fees and employee salaries to cover and must deal with cancellations, re-selling, and re-book canceled rooms. Brokers make guarantees to both the renter and the member. Making this an easy transaction for the member and the renter takes enormous work on the back end.

The Point Rental Triangle

For DVC Rental Store to make a rental, three things must come together. A points broker has to match a renter wanting to stay in a DVC villa with a DVC member who is willing to give up their points, and they must find an available room to book.

  1. Finding Renters – the word has gotten out in Disney circles that renting points is an excellent way to stay in some of Disney's best accommodations without any long-term financial commitments. You'll often see point rentals discussed when travel experts are on mainstream media outlets.
  2. Members willing to give up their points – Historically, this has been harder. However, the current economic circumstances of inflation, job uncertainty, and rising Disney prices have many members deciding to shorten or cancel their vacation leading to an excess of points.
  3. DVC Room Availability – this has gotten extremely challenging in recent years. Members know all too well that finding available rooms is getting more challenging. During the pandemic, Disney errored on the side of member satisfaction and allowed unprecedented banking options for members, while many of the DVC villas were not occupied by members. This led to an extreme point surplus. Once the borrowing restrictions were removed, booking reservations became even more difficult.

Guaranteed Reservation Rentals – a Mixed Blessing

A recent trend in DVC rentals is for members to make a reservation with their points from 3-7 nights and list that reservation for rent on the sites. This approach nails down two of the three corners of the triangle. At this point and time, the broker only has to list the room, dates, and rental price. Guests looking for discounted reservations may not have a choice but to take a confirmed reservation. As it gets closer to the check-in date, many members are willing to accept less than $16 per point. Points have an expiration date, and members will justify the decreased value as something is better than nothing.

Many members have reservations about the speculative practice of guaranteed reservations. The owner will book a room speculating that they can find a renter. This takes inventory away from other members trying to book for their families. However, peeling back the onion, you'll realize that Disney is the largest abuser of confirmed reservations. Every time members turn over their points to Disney for a cruise or a cash hotel or ABD, Disney removes DVC villas from member inventory and speculatively turns that inventory over to the cash reservation system in hopes they can find a renter. The process of reserving inventory with the hopes of finding a renter is 100% within the rules for members and Disney alike. The down side is that this process does require a phone call to DVC member services to change the lead guest when a member reservation is rented. Paul pointed out, when you have less than 6 months before the points expire, this is quiet often the best chance a member has to get their points rented.

Best Practices for Guaranteed Reservations

  1. Book 3-7 Nights
  2. Book the most desirable resort you can find. Monorail Resorts and Legacy EPCOT resorts will rent the fastest. Polynesian, Bay Lake Tower, Grand Floridian,
  3. Treehouse Villas are not popular with renters. Don't bother booking these.
  4. The earlier you engage DVC Rental Store, the better. Points have an expiration date. The more time you give them to help you find a renter, the better your chances of renting your points.

Bottom Line

Point rentals and swaps can be overwhelming. However, DVC Rental Store will do everything to make this as easy as possible. If you have points to rent, reach out to the team at DVC Rental Store as soon as possible and let them know you heard about them here on the My DVC Points Podcast. You can call: 1-855-382-7368 or 1-855-DVC-RENT or chat on their website.

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