My DVC Points
My DVC Points
DVC Resale Market Trends for December 2023

Join us on my DVC Points podcast as we welcome Dani Metzger from DVC Resale Market to examine the latest Disney Vacation Club resale trends for December 2023. Listen in as we tackle Disney's Right of First Refusal (ROFR) current patterns, where a noted decrease in buy-backs leads to a buyer-friendly market. We explore how this lull presents unique opportunities, particularly at the Grand Floridian, and offer insights into recent shifts in average sales prices, with special attention to the slight increase at Polynesian Villas and a decrease at Riviera Resort. Our discussion remains light-hearted yet informative, balancing the nuances of market analysis with the universal quest for that ‘bikini body ready' season.

This episode isn't just about the numbers; it's a narrative journey through the dynamic DVC landscape. As we unpack the current state of Disney Resort pricing and inventory, you'll discover some intriguing developments, such as Bay Lake Tower's significant price drop and Beach Club's surprising resilience despite its approaching end date. We also share personal anecdotes, like the eye-opening experience of Grand Californian's parking charges, and hint at a future deep dive into the world of Aulani contracts. With each twist and turn, our conversation serves as a guide for both seasoned and new DVC members navigating the ever-changing tides of timeshare ownership.

Lastly, the episode gears up with the buzz of the Red Hot Deal promotion, revealing how buyers and sellers can benefit from properties below market value. With Danny's expertise, we discuss the advantages of being financially prepared for these fleeting opportunities and how to navigate the promotion best. Wrapping up, we send our travel-enthusiast listeners off with heartfelt wishes and a reminder of the camaraderie within the DVC community. Tune in for a blend of laughter, learning, and a genuine passion for Disney Vacation Club.

Chapter Markers and Summaries

(00:05) Market Recap and Price Increase Analysis

This chapter welcomes you to episode 277 of the My DVC Points podcast, where we conduct our monthly market recap report with a special focus on Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resale activities. We touch on the current status of Disney's Right of First Refusal (ROFR), noting a significant decrease in activity, with only a few Grand Floridian contracts being repurchased. We discussed average sales prices and observed a slight increase for the Polynesian Villas and a decrease for Riviera Resort. We highlight the best times for buyers to make purchases due to the current lull in ROFR activity, and we speculate on future trends for DVC resales, acknowledging the unpredictability of the market. Throughout the episode, we maintain an engaging and light-hearted dialogue, reflecting on the work-life balance and the notion of getting ‘bikini body ready' for the upcoming seasons.

(09:05) Disney Resort Pricing and Inventory Discussion

In this chapter, we look into the current trends in Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resale prices, particularly noting the significant drop in cost per point for Bay Lake Tower, now $28 less than last year, offering an excellent deal for those seeking a premium resort near Magic Kingdom. Despite its limited years remaining, we observe the unusual price trends at Beach Club and attribute it possibly to its popular pool. Additionally, we examine the stable prices at Copper Creek and the opportunities at Grand Floridian, with its steady prices indicating an excellent time to buy. We touch on anomalies in the pricing of other DVC resorts like Boulder Ridge and Old Key West, speculate on the future of non-Disney properties as their end dates approach, and share personal experiences with Grand Californian's parking charges. We also hint at some upcoming inventory analysis, especially concerning Alani contracts.

(22:59) Introduction to Red Hot Deal Promotion

This chapter starts with excitement surrounding the Red Hot Deal promotion, an opportunity for buyers to snag properties listed below market value and for sellers to move listings quickly due to heavy marketing investment. I share the importance of acting fast, as the best deals typically vanish within the first week. We explore financing options available through Monera, including different loan terms, down payment choices, and the benefits of credit checks that don't impact credit scores. We also walk through the website's features, demonstrating how to estimate monthly payments and prepare for the promotion's launch. The conversation underscores the need for buyers to be ready with their finances and emphasizes the no-haggle, first-come-first-serve nature of the deals. Additionally, I touch on the current market dynamics with sellers already lowering prices before the promotion and the advantage of securing a good deal before the event starts.

(33:52) Travel Podcast Disclaimer With DVC Mention

This chapter finds us bidding farewell after sharing the excitement of a fellow travel enthusiast embarking on a new journey. We touch upon the joy of travel for those of us who are passionate about exploring new destinations. I also thank our listeners for joining us and wish everyone a good night. As we conclude, there's a gentle reminder for safety and care as we depart. I nod to the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) community, highlighting the anticipation of returning with more DVC stories. Although My DVC Points is an independent podcast fueled by personal experiences and opinions, we always encourage our listeners to contact official Disney channels for verified information.