Foremost, I do not accept sponsorship from resale nor rental companies.  I am committed to creating positive content that entertains, informs and connects the DVC community.  I take pride in offering an open platform to share ideas and speak positively of those who serve the community well.  I've had guests on the show who were well served by numerous resale agencies and some who only recommend buying direct.  Being an open platform that shares all positive stories from the community means you'll hear a variety of positive testimonials on the show.  While I don't want to detract from anybody's positive comments, I too have a story and some extremely positive experiences to share with DVC Resale Market.

If you're looking to buy or sell a DVC contract, I cannot personally speak highly enough of DVC Resale Market They've helped my family purchase my first DVC contract and five additional small-to-medium contracts.  As a brand new buyer, they are excellent.  Nick took the time to answer questions and serve as a guide who cared about my experience all the way through.  Being an analyst and researcher type, I've contacted almost every major player in the DVC resale space at that time.  My experience has been that some resale agencies only want to work with experienced buyers.  At DVC Resale Market, one of their unique attributes is that all of the agents are former Disney guides.  The customer experience so close to Disney that you almost expect to make the resale contract check payable to a particular mouse we all love.

DVC Resale Market Strengths:

  1. High Touch and High Polish approach to serving customers.  There is no question in your mind that you are working with a professional resale agent.  Your DVC Resale Market agent personally follows through on your contract as it progresses.
  2. Exclusive Experts in DVC Resales.  A licensed realtor can sell any timeshare or property in their state.  DVC Resale Market specializes in DVC contracts.  You won't find Hilton, Marriott, off-brand timeshares or rental houses.  You are working with an entire staff of full-time DVC experts.
  3. Industry leader. Just Google “DVC Resale Agent.”  Looking past the paid advertisement spots, Google natively ranks them as the top agency in search results.  They have the most listings.  They have the most ROFR passings.  If you're looking to sell, they have an incredible and very loyal customer base.  If you're looking to buy, they have the inventory you're looking for and the customer experience second to none.
  4. Accuracy and attention to detail.  DVC Resale Market is a very well oiled machine.  Nick, the founder, has a background in industrial engineering.  Their systems, processes, and communication are spot on the mark.
  5. Honesty and Integrity.  I still remember the first time I sent a cashier's check to Florida.  I refused to use FedEd because I wanted the USPS postal inspectors on my side in the event there was an issue.  After having multiple transactions with them and having referred numerous other people to DVC resale market, I've never heard a single concern.
  6. Fair Market Agency.  DVC Resale Market encourages people to post their listings at full fair market prices which helps ensure the value of our memberships.  As industry leaders, they sell 90% of their contracts sell within 30 days of listing at fair market prices.
  7. Technology Leader.  You had me at http!   Compare websites to other agencies.  It's the cleanest leanest and the best-organized resale site you will find.  (I still use the website on a regular basis for the fast loading point charts.)  You can filter listings by home-resort, points, available status, etc.  The site makes finding the right contract easy.  However, the DVC Resale Market app on iOS makes finding the right contract almost effortless.  With minimal configuration, the app pushes notifications to your phone the instant a matching DVC contract is listed.  (Which is helpful when you're looking for that rare small-point mythical-unicorn contract that matches your use year).  You can find the app on iTunes here. Fair warning – don't say I didn't warn you, between the app and web chat feature on the website, you'll be getting offers accepted before you know it.  (In my defense, my wife had “add-on-itis” too, and she said I could!)

For the record, I have purchased two contracts from other agencies and an experienced buyer.  One was just an OK transaction, and the other had fundamental issues with getting the right seller's on the contract.  DVC Resale Market sets the bar very high.  These purchases were just transactions that did eventually complete but lacked the magic that creates raving fans.  It's little things like personal celebratory phone calls from your agent when you pass ROFR, Estoppel, and the closing dates.  Given a choice, I choose the magical customer experiences hands down.  The pixie dust isn't just in their logo; it's all throughout the customer experience.

If you've listened to my show, you realize we're a DVC community-based show, and I'm only one person.  My entire show revolves around real people sharing real stories and experiences.  If you'd like more testimonials from other DVC Resale Market customers, I would encourage you to join their official Facebook group by clicking this link.  Post and ask questions.  You will find more raving fans there to back me up!

Chad Pennycuff
DVC Member and loyal DVC Resale Market client