My DVC Points
My DVC Points
001 DVC Member Interview Shelby Russell Owner at CCV

Given that we're a brand new podcast, we're starting off with a brand new DVC member that calls Copper Creek Villas and Cabins at Disney's Wilderness Lodge home.  In this interview owner, Shelby Russell shares his initial experiences with DVC and Copper Creek.  His comments on the Podcast follow.

Shelby's Show Notes:

At first I was reluctant to conduct the interview.  Sure I was excited to be a new DVC owner but I knew there were so many folks out there with vastly deeper experience with DVC than me.  I am happy that Chad talked me into interviewing because I have not had this much fun since my last trip to WDW!  Chad and I met in a Facebook group that I formed called “Disney Vacation Club Copper Creek Villas & Cabins – Owners and Prospectors.”  It's a long name but I wanted the name to reflect the official name DVC gave the resort and to not that the group is intended to be used by both owners and prospectors.  I was really surprised that the group has grown to almost 1K members in just 12 months.  I love watching people exchange ideas, tips, and excitement about my second home.

As a new DVC member, it took me a little while to get used to being told “Welcome Home” on my visits.  I've noticed fellow neighbors using this tag line often within our Facebook group.  The tagline has grown on me, and I now look forward to being told:  “Welcome Home” when I visit WDW.  Prior to buying my own DVC Contract I stayed with my in-laws using their DVC points.  Every few years we took 10-12 people to Disney and always stayed at a Grand Villa at Saratoga Springs.  Initially I resisted the temptation to learn more about DVC.  I not completely bought into Disney. Instead, I was just along for the ride.  Over the years I began to appreciate the familiarity of both Disney and DVC.  After 2 or 3 times we really knew our way around Saratoga.  I watched my kids make cherished memories of my father in law, who is no longer with us.  I watched my father law take great pride in providing the family with a fantastic vacation and making memories to last a lifetime.  So, after 4 trips that spanned 4 years I built up the courage to attend a DVC information session.  My wife and I managed to temper our excitement and not purchase right away.  We returned home and did more internet-based research.  Looking back at the memories and the current opportunity, we decided to buy a small initial contract.

The first time we used our DVC contract, it was with a 2 Bedroom Villa at Copper Creek.  As much as we cherish the large family vacations, we started appreciating smaller trips with just our immediate family.  Our first day at CCV we visited MK.  The ease of access to MK was remarkable.  We were used to staying at Saratoga, driving to the transportation center, then riding the monorail to MK.  Instead of all that we just hoped on a boat at CCV and were at the entrance to MK in a total of 15 minutes.  The peacefulness and tranquility of the Wilderness Lodge offer the perfect contrast to the action, hustle, and bustle of MK.  You can be at the Wilderness Lodge and NEVER KNOW that MK is right around the corner.  All of a sudden we looked at Disney differently.  I am all in and fully converted into a Disney fan now.  To Chad's amusement, my family even wears matching shirts while visiting.  Our family enjoys the world class restaurants.  We felt so comfortable with the experience that we decided to add on to our DVC points.  Now a whole new world of possibilities have opened up to us.

Since my in-laws are also DVC members, we have the ability to combine points.  We plan to do this and stay in a CCV Grand Villa in the summer of 2019.  The entire extended family is very excited about staying in a CCV 3 Bedroom Grand Villa.  My wife and I are visiting Vero Beach for a few nights this fall.  We have a December trip planned so we can, for the first time, experience Disney at Christmas time.  I am really excited that DVC is a point based system.  The flexibility to bank points to the following year and pull points ahead from future years is really beneficial.  We are also excited that you can use your points at any of Disney's 14 DVC Properties or trade them into the broader RCI network.  These flexibility features of DVC allows families to utilize them as stages of life change.

Disney has become more than a vacation destination for us.  It's become part of our family story.  We are starting to embrace the fact that DVC is our second home.

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