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Everything We Know About Fort Wilderness Cabins in Early January 2024

Join us in this special episode as we welcome you home, neighbors, to an enchanting exploration of the much-anticipated DVC cabins at Fort Wilderness. We're hosting a rich discussion with Tim Krasnowski of DVC News and Pete Scheidle from DVC Newscast and Together, we unwrap the facts and share our predictions about the latest Disney Vacation Club offerings. Listen in as we consider the number of new units, debate the likelihood of Disney reserving some cabins for cash bookings, and pore over the implications of the initial DVC inventory declaration for members.

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Please note: Much of this conversation is speculative. DVC has not yet revealed all the details; however, discussing what could be coming is fun. All three of our panelists take great care to present factual information about Disney Vacation Club. However, this entire episode is part of what we gleaned from legal filings and part speculation.

Our conversation then turns to the nitty-gritty details of living in these cabins, from the practicalities of storage to the logistics of pet policies. We're dissecting the new cabin designs, scrutinizing the limited storage options, and weighing the pros and cons of the room layout. And for our fellow pet lovers, we dive into Disney's dog-friendly policies, examining what it means for owners and their four-legged friends. Amidst this, we touch on the curious absence of in-unit washers and dryers and the implications for communal laundry facilities, offering insights for members who value comfort and convenience.

Wrapping up this enchanting episode, we ponder DVC ownership's financial and operational nuances. We leave no stone unturned, from the convenience of parking at the cabins to the forecasted annual dues. With contributions from our team's data and sales analysts, we help you navigate the complex waters of DVC point charts, resale concerns, and the mysterious new trust structure's impact on membership. Whether you're a long-time owner or new to the DVC community, this episode promises to shed light on the evolving landscape of Disney Vacation Club living.

(00:00) – DVC Cabins Availability and Speculation

(14:45) – Storage and Pet Policies in Disney Cabins

(21:33) – DVC, Parking, and Annual Dues Discussion

(27:38) – DVC Cabin Pricing and Resale Concerns

(37:13) – DVC Ownership and Trust Impact Discussion

(49:14) – DVC Cabins and Rental Inventory

(58:52) – Trust and Resale Restrictions in DVC

(01:10:08) – Farewell and Podcast Disclaimer

(00:00) DVC Cabins Availability and Speculation

This chapter welcomes you home, neighbors, to a special episode where we explore the upcoming DVC cabins at Fort Wilderness. We examine the facts and engage in a bit of speculation about the new Disney Vacation Club offerings. Tim Krasnowski of DVC News joins me and Pete from DVC Newscast and as we share insights on the number of units expected, the potential for Disney to hold back some cabins for cash bookings, and the initial declaration of DVC inventory. While acknowledging our usual focus on factual content, we navigate this new development's possibilities for members and discuss how Disney's strategy affects the availability of these coveted accommodations.

(14:45) Storage and Pet Policies in Disney Cabins

This chapter begins with our observations on the apparent lack of closet space in the new cabin designs, contrasting with previous ones with abundant storage options. We examine the minimal storage possibilities, such as under-bed space and potential drawers under bunk beds. Moving on, we question the practicality of the room layout, particularly the positioning of the TV and the seating and bed. We note the absence of a washer and dryer within the unit, despite it being a standard in one-bedroom timeshare accommodations, and discuss the alternative of communal laundry facilities. We then shift our focus to the pet policy, highlighting Disney's dog-friendly stance while pointing out the exclusion of cats. We cover the specifics of the policy, including the lack of breed or weight restrictions, the requirements for leashed or crated dogs in public spaces, and the seven-hour rule for leaving dogs unattended. Finally, we touch on the logistics of housekeeping and maintenance in rooms with dogs, briefly mentioning the possibility of selling more guaranteed weeks for these cabins.

(21:33) DVC, Parking, and Annual Dues Discussion

This chapter examines the benefits of Disney Vacation Club (DVC) ownership for those who consistently vacation at the same time each year, particularly at the cabins. We discuss the convenience of having a vehicle at the cabins, albeit with potential parking challenges, especially for larger parties that might require more than one vehicle or a larger vehicle like a minivan. We also consider the financial implications of DVC membership, anticipating higher annual dues due to the individual maintenance and utility costs associated with separate buildings, as well as the potential for these costs to cover some of the operating expenses of Fort Wilderness. Additionally, we explore the relationship between lower point charts and higher dues and the impact of this on the overall value of DVC membership. We wrap up by acknowledging contributions from team members who assist with data and sales analysis, emphasizing the importance of numbers in understanding the DVC market.

(27:38) DVC Cabin Pricing and Resale Concerns

This chapter examines the points required to book DVC resort stays throughout the year, considering leap years and peak seasons. We analyze the comparison of points needed for studio and one-bedroom accommodations, particularly at the Grand Floridian and Animal Kingdom. I discuss the value of studio plus rooms, which sleep six but lack certain amenities, such as a washer and dryer. We also touch on the strategies of using points from lower dues resorts to book higher dues resorts, the appeal of fixed-week purchases, and the potential impact of DVC's new trust structure on the complexity of membership and resale attractiveness. Additionally, we hope for clarity on pet-friendly booking options and consider whether the new offerings will parallel the experiences of on-property Vero and Hilton Head.

(37:13) DVC Ownership and Trust Impact Discussion

This chapter kicks off with a reflection on the popularity of certain offerings, touching on the confidence that they will continue to sell well and the demand will remain high. I discuss the potential for this demand to translate into DBC (Disney Vacation Club) ownership and the assurance that these offerings will be fully booked at the seven-month mark. The conversation then shifts to concerns about what happens during a hurricane and the construction standards to withstand such events. I also bring up the complexities of DBC's booking system, specifically addressing the introduction of a new “trust” category that could affect booking priorities and the availability of units for existing owners. We explore the implications of a hypothetical scenario where only a portion of a resort's points are allocated to the trust and the resulting competition for booking rooms, emphasizing the potential discontent among owners if their booking options are reduced due to changes in the system.

(49:14) DVC Cabins and Rental Inventory

This chapter focuses on the complexities of Disney Vacation Club (DVC) ownership, particularly regarding long-term satisfaction and flexibility with accommodations. We examine the resale impact and the initial purchase hesitations of being tied to a specific property. Reflections, a Disney Lakeside Lodge, is highlighted as a potential revival project that could offer more diversity in lodging options. We share a personal experience of visiting the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue, reflecting on the transportation and the atmosphere at Fort Wilderness Resort after dark. Additionally, we discuss the appeal of different DVC room types to various family dynamics over time, questioning the long-term practicality of certain accommodations like cabins for growing families. Finally, we touch on the rental market implications for DVC properties and how room availability for cash bookings may work, including what portion of a resort might be sold versus rented.

(58:52) Trust and Resale Restrictions in DVC

This chapter tackles the complexities of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) trust and its impact on the resale market, with a particular focus on how the inclusion of resorts in the trust might affect the marketability of older DVC properties. I examine the potential consequences of current owners at for-sale resorts having their points placed into a trust, and the lack of appeal this holds for some members who prefer guaranteed access to their home resort. Furthermore, we consider the implications of resale restrictions on DVC point values and Disney's strategic decisions regarding these restrictions at properties like the Grand Floridian and the new Disneyland Tower. Finally, we touch upon the sales tactics used by Disney to persuade buyers to purchase directly from them, and the internal debates about implementing restrictions at the Disneyland Tower due to its unique market position.

(01:10:08) Farewell and Podcast Disclaimer

This chapter concludes with heartfelt goodbyes and safety reminders for listeners as they depart from our journey through the magical world of Disney Vacation Club (DVC). I then tease the next segment where I'll return with insights and stories surrounding our shared DVC experiences. As always, I remind everyone that while my passion for DVC runs deep, this podcast is crafted by fans and for fans, independent of the official Disney Vacation Club. I encourage all DVC members to reach out to their guides or member services for the most accurate and official information regarding their memberships.

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