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My DVC Points
Families Fly Free Review: Lyn Was Right - Chad's Progress After 9 Months in the Program

In December of 2023, Chad joined Lyn Metler's Families Fly Free program. Today's show is a status update and review after nine months in the program. It takes a while to get signed up for all the cards, get the introduction bonuses, and start booking free travel. I've earned 857,000 points from Chase, American Express, and Capital One in the last nine months. I've worked Lyn's system and added numerous other cards. I've had one free companion pass flight and have three more free flights booked for 2024 and redeemed $650 worth of points on a Disney Cruise downpayment. I've been an overachiever on Lyn's system but am returning to her approach's simplicity. I've almost actualized my $1600 investment in Families Fly Free and have earned $10,000 of free travel points ready to go to work, but your average family that wants to earn free travel without making the point-and-mile game a full-time hobby will be well-suited for Lyn's Program. Episode 265

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Disclaimer. Credit cards, when used properly, can provide an enormous benefit to your family. Used improperly, and they will make you a financial slave to the banks. If you don't have the money, don't buy it. You must pay off the statement balance every month for this to work.

We're creating this content because we believe our audience can benefit from free flights and hotel stays. We want to introduce you to a new way of thinking about rewards travel and have you decide what's best for your family. You can follow Lyn, Chad, or any other program you choose. If you want to sign up for Lyn's program and believe our shows have helped your family, please use our affiliate link. (Lyn is also good about giving me credit for people who mention me when they sign up, but it makes it easier if you use the link, and the PDF is a great resource).

If you'd like to support the podcast, here are my personal referral links for the cards mentioned in today's show:

  • Families Fly Free – Affiliate Link to get Lyn's Free Guide to Earning a Southwest Companion Pass.
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred – Best Starter Travel Perks Card (2x on DVC Direct Purchases and Principle Only Payments)
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve – Best Card for 3x Points on Travel (DVC Direct Purchases and Principle Only Payments count as travel!)
  • Chase Southwest Credit Cards – This is the best way to get free domestic travel for families with a companion pass.
  • Chase Ink Business Cards – The Business Cash card earns 5x at Office Supply Stores which is a great way to buy Disney Gift Cards. I've got close to 20% off with the value of the points and Chase offers for office supply stores.
  • Capital One Venture X – Best 2% Back Travel Card and Best Way to Use Points for a Disney Cruise
  • American Express Platinum – Best Airport Lounge Access and Coupon Book
  • American Express Gold – Best Earning Card for Restaurants and Groceries (Get this Before Platinum)
  • American Express Delta Cards – Not that you should bother with this after all their horrible changes of 2023, but if you were like me and had difficulty switching to Southwest, you may want this card. However, I highly suggest ditching Delta and going to Southwest.

Show Note Timing before Music and Editing.

(0:00:02) – Travel Points and DVC Rental Store (10 Minutes)

Families Fly Free is a program designed to help busy families collect and redeem travel rewards for free travel. It is ideal for families of all sizes and ages and those who want to take multiple trips to Disney each year. A warning is provided for those who may not be financially fit to use the program since getting new credit cards may be necessary.

(0:10:07) – Travel Hacking (15 Minutes)

We discuss the benefits of the Families Fly Free program and how it helps busy families collect travel rewards. Features like access to a vast library of resources, regular live webinars, and the vibrant community of members who help each other are explored. Members get one-on-one support from Lynn and her team, who guide the right cards, when and how to get them, and more. We also talk about the value of getting real American support from the team and how the team is designed to provide an excellent customer service experience. Lastly, we discuss the benefits of Lynn's repeatable methodology and how it helps to keep things simple.

(0:25:02) – Navigating Southwest Airlines and Resetting Expectations (13 Minutes)

The chaotic atmosphere of airports, the benefits of flying Southwest, and the convenience of the Early Bird Check-In option are explored. Our experiences with Priority Pass lounges, finding seating on flights, and the difficulties of changing planes at Midway are shared.

(0:38:33) – Maximizing Travel Rewards and Points Value (5 Minutes)

We discuss the benefits of airline status and how it can benefit families, such as the Families Fly Free program, airport lounges, and Priority Pass cards. We explore the value of Delta miles, Southwest points, and Chase Ultimate Rewards points. Finally, we discuss using travel rewards to make international trips more affordable and enjoyable.

(0:43:33) – Maximize Points and Miles for Travel (15 Minutes)

We discuss the value of Southwest points and how they can be used for free flights for the whole family. We explore the math behind earning and redeeming points, the benefits of having an airline status, and how to use the Southwest Shopping Portal and Rapid Rewards Dining to earn even more points. We also discuss the convenience of the Early Bird Check-In option and how it can save time and stress. Finally, we look at how to use Capital One Points to help pay for a Disney cruise. From signup bonuses to referral links to utilizing points earned from Southwest, we investigate how to maximize your travel rewards and get the most bang for your buck.

(0:58:27) – Discussion on Credit Card Programs (5 Minutes)

Lynn and I explored the 5/24 rule and how it affects card approvals. We also discussed hotel cards and how personal support can help navigate the different programs. We look at the value of Southwest points and how they can be used for free family travel. Finally, while we see a lot of value in Lyn's Families Fly Free program, Chad wants to share a no-cost video from Stan the Credit Frog on walking through the Southwest companion pass. Our goal is to help your family fly at minimal expense. You'll find Stan's material is very compatible with the philosophy of our show. Help people by teaching them options and encourage them to make wise decisions about what's best for their families. The same way we discuss buying direct and resale, we also want to provide some excellent free resources in this area.

(1:03:07) – Supporting Show, Planning Magical Adventures (1 Minutes)

We discuss the value of having an airline status and how it can help families through the Families Fly Free program, airport lounge access, priority boarding, and more. We also explore the 5/24 rule and its impact on card approvals and how personal support can help navigate the world of airline cards.

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