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My DVC Points
Families Fly Free to Disney with Lyn Mettler

Lyn from the Families Fly Free Podcast joins the show today to discuss travel hacks to fly free to Disney. Lyn has developed a membership program to help families maximize credit card rewards so they can fly free. We cover an overview of her program and strategies. I've researched her methodologies enough to know that flying your family free to Disney World is an achievable goal if you choose to join her program or continue your travel hacking education. The strategies work if you work the plan.

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Primary Thoughts: Today's Show is Aimed at Listeners in Good Financial Standing

Today's show is about leveraging credit card travel programs to get free flights. Before I promote this concept, I want to encourage you to have all your cards paid off. If your flights are free but you're paying 29% interest on credit cards, the flights are not free. If you're struggling with credit card debt and budgeting, please look into Financial Peace University by the Dave Ramsey organization. (While they hate credit cards with a passion, you will get on a firmer financial footing by following their program). We're a massive advocate of using a credit card like a Debit Card. (If you do not have the cash to pay for your purchase at the time, don't buy the item).

Secondary Thoughts: We're Promoting Southwest Airlines Because They Always Do the Right Thing

This show was recorded before the Southwest Airlines meltdown of 2022. As Lyn states in the show, Southwest will always do the right thing and make things right when they make a mistake. Their response to this epic failure has been refreshing. They're offering everybody impacted 25,000 frequent flyer miles and complete reimbursement. (WIth some point maximization techniques, Lyn was able to get an entire family of four to Hawaii and back on 30k points).

Tertiary Thoughts: Lyn's Program is Expensive – But Has a High Return on Investment

Let's address the $1595 elephant in the room. Lyn is selling access to a membership program that involves personal coaching and access to a community of travel hacking aficionados. I don't believe you will find anything in Lyn's program that is 100% unique. Travel hackers, bloggers, and vloggers talk about these topics extensively. Do you have time to read hundreds of articles, watch thousands of YouTube videos and make an easy-to-follow step-by-step process? Personal coaching is expensive. Getting access to an expert who will guide you every step of the way will save you time and help you reduce common mistakes that could prevent you from becoming successful. In 2022, Lyn's family made 20 round-trip flights on Southwest Air with an actual retail value of over $14,000. They only paid the mandatory airport fees and taxes.

If you don't have $1595 in your travel budget for 2023, this is not the program for you. Families Fly Free is a great name, but there are always incidental costs, taxes, fees, and miscellaneous expenses. Travel is never 100% free. But you can cover most of your travel expenses through credit card travel hacking programs.

Lyn offers My DVC Points listeners a free consultation to help them decide if the program is right for them. (Insider perspective from a former life coach – she's also evaluating if you will be successful in her program. She doesn't want to sell a membership to somebody who isn't the right fit. Coaches only want successful clients to help attract more successful clients.)

If you have $1595 in your travel budget for 2023, I suggest you check out her program. She has a money-back guarantee. If you work the program, the program works. If you go to, (affiliate link), you can download her guide on how to earn the SouthWest Airlines Companion Pass. That resource is 100% free and puts thousands of dollars in free flights within reach. Best off, you don't have to pay a dime. It's a complimentary introduction to her program and resources.

Our core value always comes through. Make an informed and educated decision about what's best for your family. You may enroll at, (affiliate link) or independently research some of these options. I set a goal of joining her program and working the system to get my family of five flights and hotel covered for a Disneyland Paris listener meetup in 2024. My goal in presenting this content was to give you an overview of what's inside her program so that you can evaluate if it's suitable for your family or even evaluate the options and DIY. You're welcome to use her program, some of her tips, or none of her tips. We want you to make an educated decision about what's best for your family. You're welcome to join us in Disneyland Paris or any of our meetups however you choose to get there. We'll be friends either way.

Overview of Families Fly Free?

Lyn's membership program is designed to get your family up and running using the best practices from the legitimate travel hacking community. She teaches using 3-4 credit cards to maximize your point-earning potential and how to redeem those points in the most efficient way possible. She teaches you how to follow all the rules for credit card companies and travel companies to maximize their offers. Nothing is against the rules. Nothing is considered abusive in their programs.

Choose the Right Cards in the Right Order

From binge-listening to Lyn's podcast and what she shared on our show, she likes using. Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Southwest personal card, Chase Southwest Business card, and Capital One's Venture X card. During her onboarding process, Lyn will evaluate what's in your wallet and help you make a personalized action plan for what to do next. One of the significant caveats is the 5/24 rule that Chase has about issuing new cards. FYI – That department store credit card offering you $20 off pair of shoes may cost you thousands of dollars in free travel. Choose the rights cards in the correct order.

My family is a huge fan of Chase bank. I was discussing travel hacking with our banker at Chase and discovered he was a Families Fly Free member. He has worked for Chase for years and said he's already learned a lot from the program and made a couple of costly mistakes.

Create a Simple Easy to Follow Process to Earn the Most Points

It doesn't matter if you're trying to lose weight or improve your relationships or finances. Adherence to best practices is always the issue. If the process isn't simple and easy to follow, you will not get the desired results. Use the best card to get the most points. This is rather difficult, given all credit card companies marketing hype and noise.

About a year ago, I joined “team cash-back” for credit card purposes. Travel wasn't a goal for our family; however, getting settled in a new house was a goal. Now that we're DVC members and love coming to Orlando multiple times a year, we're more interested in joining team travel rewards. I had 6-7 cards lined up at the time and could always use the right card. However, my wife couldn't follow the plan. She needed something much simpler. (We also needed a lot of budgeting help to guide our spending decisions and are thankful to the Dave Ramsey organization for getting our budget in order).

Redeem the Points for Maximum Value – Get 2-10 Cents Per Point

Team cash-back usually gets 1 cent per point. Disney Visa gives 2 cents per point. However, travel hackers usually start their point valuations at 2 cents per point and go upward to 10 cents per point. Quite honestly, as somebody who's tried to research this on my own in preparation for the show, this is an area I see the most value in joining Lyn's program. She mentioned taking a family of four to Hawaii for 30,000 points. I usually see flights at 25,000 per person. How did you get such a great value? (The answer is somewhat complicated, but it involves booking flights on sale that require fewer points and leveraging a couple of SouthWest's rules in your favor). Travel hacking is a travel version of extreme couponing.

Perhaps you get in on a late flight and don't want to spend DVC points for your first night in Walt Disney World; you can always use some of the travel hacks to book a crash-pad room on hotel points earned in the credit card programs and transferred to hotel loyalty points.

What makes the Families Fly Free Program worth $1595?

  1. Personal Coaching – You meet with an accomplished travel industry insider and design a personalized program based on your family's goals and starting situation.
  2. Save Time – Most travel bloggers and vloggers are talking up credit cards to get you to sign up for that particular card. They're creating hype for the card in hopes you use their referral link, and they get paid on the back end from either you using the link or viewing ads in their content. None of them are teaching a comprehensive A-to-Z program.
  3. Reduce Costly Mistakes – You can only sign up for so many credit cards in a given time frame before the card issuers refuse to issue you a new card.
  4. Insider Community Access – You get access to an entire community of like-minded people who have traveled where you want to go and have used points successfully and unsuccessfully in the process. We firmly believe the best place to learn about DVC is from existing DVC members. The best place to learn travel hacking is from everyday people on a similar journey.
  5. Risk-Free – Money Back Guarantee – This is the gold standard for any self-improvement coach. Are they willing to guarantee results if you put in the appropriate effort and follow the program? Lyn offers a money-back guarantee.
  6. Podcast testimonials – Lyn's podcast does a great job of balancing useful information with occasional client testimonials.

Stay tuned for mini-episode updates on the Pennycuff family's progress of going to Disneyland Paris in 2024 on travel award points. We'd love to have your family join us in Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, or one of our multiple meet-ups in Walt Disney World.

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