My DVC Points
My DVC Points
February 2024 is a Buyers Market

Unlock the secrets of Disney Vacation Club resale and navigate the market like a pro as we sit down with Jodi Gross to analyze the current trends and price shifts you need to know. Our enlightening conversation travels through the intricacies of the right of first refusal and the stability of fan-favorite resorts, equipping you with the knowledge to make savvy decisions whether you're a seasoned DVC member or just starting. Together with Jodi, we dissect the allure of iconic properties like the Grand Californian and the unique challenges facing Vero Beach, blending personal stories with expert insights into the DVC resale landscape. From Alani's subsidized dues contracts to the booking ease at Beach Club, this episode is a treasure trove of tips, tales, and analysis that will guide you through the complexities of the DVC resale market, all while keeping you entertained and informed. Join us for a journey that will enhance your understanding and appreciation of DVC membership.

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(00:05) DVC Point Market Recap and Resale

This chapter welcomes you aboard for a journey into the dynamic world of Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resales, where the legendary Jodi Gross joins me for an insightful market recap. We explore the latest trends in right of first refusal (ROFR), where Disney steps in to purchase contracts they find too good to pass up and discuss how this affects potential buyers. We examine the fluctuating prices of DVC properties, focusing on the significant price changes at Animal Kingdom and the surprising steadiness of Bay Lake Tower despite its recent downward trend. Throughout the episode, we also highlight the importance of resort popularity and remaining years on contracts as critical factors influencing the resale market. Join us for an informative session on navigating the ebb and flow of DVC membership prices and making informed decisions when considering a resale purchase. Welcome home, neighbors!

(12:14) Disney Resort Resale Prices Discussion

This chapter looks at the enduring affection for the Grand Californian despite the newer Disneyland Tower's presence, with a personal touch on recent experiences at the resorts and Disneyland in rainy weather. I share insights on the fluctuating resale market values of Disney Vacation Club (DVC) properties, focusing on the challenges facing Vero Beach resales due to high dues and shorter contract terms. We also unpack the significance of a single Disneyland Tower sale at a notably lower price than expected and the implications for buyers and sellers in the DVC resale market. Additionally, I cover the success of the Red Hot Deals promotion, highlighting how fixed, no-haggle pricing makes transactions smoother for all parties involved and stirring up interest among potential buyers with competitively priced listings, demonstrated through a walkthrough of the featured deals on the website.

(22:14) Disney Vacation Club Contracts Resale Tips

This chapter covers the recent influx of Alani subsidized dues contracts hitting the Reso Market, with a special focus on six March Alani contracts and a rare subsidized Vero contract. I recount my decade of experience in the resale market, noting the peculiar trend of these contracts appearing more frequently in the past six months. We touch on the appeal of Riviera ownership, the relative ease of booking one-bedroom units at Beach Club during summer, and contrast the resort options available on Monterey versus Crescent Lake. There's a discussion about the potential of seeing Fort Wilderness cabins on the resale market, skepticism regarding the sales of the new Disneyland towers, and a reminder of the importance of making informed decisions tailored to personal preferences despite varying opinions on the value of different properties. We also highlight the faster closing times with the new resale process and anticipate future episodes that will include more insights on direct purchasing and other DVC-related topics.

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