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From Addonitis to Selling Points - Justen Hyland's DVC Journey

Navigating the ins and outs of DVC ownership can feel like setting sail with Captain Hook – thrilling but daunting. But fear not; during our conversation, we highlighted Justin's strategic approach to purchasing DVC resale contracts and his experience balancing the magic with financial savvy. From our initial steps at Vero Beach to the wonders of Bay Lake Tower and Saratoga Springs, we recount the tales of choosing the perfect accommodations and the bittersweet choices of managing vacation ownership. Whether you're a seasoned DVC member or dreaming of your first purchase, there's treasure to be found in our candid discussion of the DVC market's ebbs and flows.

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Join us as we sit down with fellow Disney enthusiasts and DVC member Justin Highland to explore the enchanting world of Disney Vacation Club (DVC) ownership and family Disney experiences. Listen in as Justin recounts how his daughter's Snow White dress rekindled his love for Disney, leading to his family's memorable trips to the parks. We'll discuss the details of planning these magical vacations, from hotel selections to maximizing the joys of DVC property amenities. This conversation is a testament to how Disney's magic ignites joy in the young and reawakens it in us all.

In our heartfelt exchange, we unravel the financial journey of becoming a DVC owner, including the strategic decisions made when purchasing resale contracts at Vero Beach, Bay Lake Tower, and Saratoga Springs. We talk about the perks of staying close to the Magic Kingdom and the spacious accommodations that make traveling with little ones a breeze. Yet, we also get candid about managing vacation ownership with diverse travel interests and budget constraints. Our story guides us through the ebbs and flows of the DVC market, highlighting the considerations of selling points and the appreciation of value over time.

Wrapping up this magical episode, we delve into the practical tips for making the most of your DVC membership, even during the cooler seasons at Disney parks. We share anecdotes of poolside fun with heated comforts and the importance of holding onto direct contracts for those special Disney perks. With his unique perspective as a pastor, Justin imparts the significance of creating cherished family memories, solidifying the belief that these vacations are priceless investments in happiness. Dream with us about the idyllic possibility of an extended Disney World stay as we reaffirm the joys and enduring legacy of Disney getaways for our families.

(00:00) DVC Resale and Disney Vacation Planning
(09:21) Decisions in Buying Disney Vacation Club
(22:25) DVC Tips and Experiences
(32:18) Dreaming of Living at Disney World

(00:00) DVC Resale and Disney Vacation Planning

This chapter welcomes listeners to a heartwarming discussion with fellow Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member Justin Highland, who shares his journey from a casual Disney attendee to a passionate DVC parent. I recount the moments that reignited Justin's love for Disney, particularly through the lens of fatherhood, as the sight of his daughter in a Snow White dress inspired a family trip to the parks. We also touch on the initial trip planning phase, where Justin's curiosity about every hotel detail evolved into a comprehensive understanding of the DVC properties and offerings. Through our conversation, we underscore the transformative power of Disney magic in shaping family experiences and the enthusiasm it sparks in members of all ages.

(09:21) Decisions in Buying Disney Vacation Club

This chapter explores our journey into Disney Vacation Club (DVC) ownership, starting with the financial considerations that shifted during the pandemic. We discuss our initial purchase of a resale contract at Vero Beach, weighing the high dues against the access it provided. Our story continues with the addition of points at Bay Lake Tower and Saratoga Springs, emphasizing the benefits of space and convenience, particularly with young children. I reflect on the joy and practicality of staying in a one-bedroom at Baylake Tower and the ease of visiting Magic Kingdom. However, the narrative takes a turn as we evaluate our investment in light of our diverse travel interests and income level, leading to the decision to sell some points. I highlight the fortunate timing of our purchases and sales, which allowed us to mitigate losses due to market conditions post-COVID. The chapter concludes with insights into the financial realities of buying and selling DVC points, including transaction costs and the appreciation of point values over time.

(22:25) DVC Tips and Experiences

This chapter explores the joys of visiting Disney parks during the cooler months, sharing personal experiences of braving the parks in hoodie weather and discussing the advantages for those sensitive to heat. We talk about the comfort of heated pools even in chilly weather and the convenience of having warm towels ready for the kids. We also touch on the strategic decisions involved in Disney Vacation Club (DVC) ownership, including the benefits of holding onto direct contracts for access to perks like Moonlight Magic events and annual pass discounts. We reflect on the robust DVC resale market, offering reassurance about the investment in Disney timeshares. Lastly, we consider the enduring appeal of Disney parks, despite fluctuations in the success of Disney's movie franchises, and how the parks continue to be a generational and cultural mainstay, underpinning other ventures of the Walt Disney Company.

(32:18) Dreaming of Living at Disney World

This chapter we explore the alluring fantasy of ‘moving in' to a Disney resort, where the tranquility of an extended stay blends with the magic of the parks to create a perfect family getaway. I share my personal longing to disconnect from the digital world and cherish uninterrupted time with my family at Disney World, specifically considering the possibility of a month-long stay at Oki West during the low season. We also touch on the unique benefits of being a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member, such as utilizing points for extended stays and the special experiences and community support that come with membership. Justin, a pastor, reflects on the importance of creating lasting family memories amidst life's challenges, reinforcing the sentiment that these vacations are invaluable treasures. Together, we reaffirm the joys of Disney getaways and the positive impact they have on our families.

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