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My DVC Points
011 Insider Interview: Nick Cotton DVC Resale Market Backstory

In episode 011, we meet Nick Cotton, founder of #1 Disney Vacation Club resale agency: DVC Resale Market. Nick shares his backstory as a former Disney cast member in industrial engineering and his work as a guide for Disney Vacation Club. Nick studied industrial engineering in a college. A college professor set the career in motion when they shared a recruitment video from Disney's industrial engineering program.

Nick explains that Imagineering is the purely creative part of theme park design. However, the industrial engineer focuses on the business aspects of park design involving people and system processes. They will look at a statistic called “Operational Hourly Ride Capacity.” A ten-minute ride may be an excellent experience; however, it would create a four-hour wait. Industrial engineers would advise a four or five-minute ride that allows more guests to experience the attraction per hour. Nick recalls a study at the Emporium on Main Street to improve the design for flow and purchase behaviors. Nick produced some studies that helped in creating Saana at Kidiani Village. Nick shares a fascinating study involving french fries in the parks. When cast members verbally stated all three options, guest chose the french fries over 90% of the time. However, Disney did a study to promote healthy eating. The signs stated fries and two more options were available in a kid's meal. However, the cast members only spoke of the two healthy alternatives. In this scenario, guests ordered fries less than 20% of the time. The exciting part came in from guest surveys. Guests who found out fries were an option but not offered, provided powerful negative feedback. Nick's time in industrial engineering leads him to study Disney's reservation call centers in the US and Europe.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Family! Who knew Rocket could be so cute?

One of Nick's last projects in industrial engineering was a study for Disney Vacation Club call center. He studied the processes that many of us used when we called the DVC sales number and requested more information. By analyzing staffing, sales and guide behaviors, Nick identified process improvements to enhance guest service and convert more inquiries into DVC members. Soon after, Nick realized that DVC is a great product and he loved working with people at DVC. Nick decided to apply for a guide position at DVC.

After a year and a half working as a guide in Orlando, Nick seized an opportunity to join the cruise team for DVC guides. Nick explains how learning about DVC on a cruise has numerous benefits for the guests. It's a group setting with the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one follow up. Nick explained how that allowed him to get to know the families he served on a much deeper level. On port days, he would go on shore excursions with families that eventually became his clients. As a DVC guide for the developer, Nick was able to go on cruises in the Caribbean and even from Europe. Nick points out that working on the cruise team was enjoyable when he was single. However, when marriage and children come into the picture, a job with that much travel becomes less desirable.

Serving as a guide, Nick ran into a couple of concerns. First, a lot of families want to join DVC, but as the price of points kept rising, he would regularly run into families that could not afford the latest direct costs. Second, life events happen. Job changes, family changes, and life changes in general lead some members to need to sell their DVC contract. As a Direct guide, Nick was unable to help these families sell their contracts. At that point, all Nick could do is point members to the internet to try to find somebody to help sell their contract. Many members came back with a common concern. The existing resale companies at the time lacked Disney training and didn't offer the same Disney level of customer service. Many resale companies were selling numerous timeshares. These events lead to Nick's latest career change where he founded the DVC Resale Market.

Nick Cotton and Vickie at DVC Sales Leadership Awards Event

Nick pointed out that DVC Resale Market was not the first resale orientated agency established. However, at the time of publication, all of the DVC Resale Market agents are former Direct guides. DVC Resale Market only handles Disney Vacation Club. This exclusivity allows them to develop an expertise in sales and marketing of DVC contracts. They offer buyers and sellers a Disney-like experience. You can reach them:

Phone – 844-DVC-PROS
Website or Web Chat – – click CHAT in the lower right-hand corner.
iOS App – Click Here
Android App – Click Here

Nick and his wife LaToya are owners at Disney's Boardwalk Villas.

Editorial Comment: My DVC Points is an open platform for all members to share positive stories, opinions, and experiences.  At My DVC Points, we're all about sharing member experiences and stories from a journalistic perspective.  DVC Resale Market is not a sponsor of My DVC Points.  The financial aspects of our relationship are the opposite.  I've developed a friendship with Nick and his family.  This relationship grew over time, as my family purchased multiple contracts through DVC Resale Market. When we sold a DVC Contract, we hired DVC Resale Market. Nick and the staff at DVC Resale Market was nothing short of spectacular.  I know they will serve your family with the same level of excellence.  Nick's expertise in industrial engineering is quite evident when you do business with DVC Resale Market.  They have perfected the art of connecting buyers and sellers.

DVC Resale Market happens to be the Pennycuff family's agency of choice.  We have sent quite a few people there with lots of positive feedback.  However, we realize that a lot of DVC members are very fond of their DVC guides and resale agents.  My DVC Points official position is that we are being an open platform for any person or company that offers excellent service to the DVC community.  If you have a DVC resale agent or rental company that provided outstanding service to your family, we would love to share your story.