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Is 'Walking a Reservation' Ruining the Disney Vacation Club Experience?

In the latest episode of the My DVC Points podcast, titled “Is ‘Walking a Reservation' Ruining the Disney Vacation Club Experience?” host Chad Pennycuff dives deep into the contentious issue of reservation manipulation within the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) community. This episode is a must-listen for anyone who has faced frustration while securing a high-demand DVC reservation.

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Understanding ‘Walking a Reservation'

The episode begins with Chad explaining, “walking a reservation.” This strategy involves booking a stay early and modifying the reservation every day for multiple consecutive days to secure a desired vacation. While this practice can be somewhat acceptable if done a few days in advance, it has escalated to the point where some members have been walking reservations for over two months. This is especially prevalent for high-demand rooms like value and club-level accommodations at Animal Kingdom, sparking significant frustration among members.

The Community's Growing Frustration

The podcast delves into the growing frustrations within the DVC community regarding this practice. Due to this manipulation, many members find it increasingly difficult to secure their preferred dates, particularly for high-demand rooms. Chad acknowledges the problem's complexity, noting that it has multiple facets that must be addressed.

Proposing Solutions

Chad doesn't just identify the problem; he also proposes potential solutions. One idea is to limit the number of modifications allowed to a reservation. For example, after several modifications, the points could go into a week-long holding account or freeze, making them unusable for a week. This would curb the abuse without eliminating the flexibility that DVC members enjoy.

Call to Action for Listeners

Chad encourages listeners to share their thoughts and experiences, inviting them to be part of the solution. He emphasizes that venting frustrations on social media is less effective than contacting DVC member services directly. By voicing concerns through official channels, members can help quantify the problem and prompt DVC management to investigate and address it.

Tips for Navigating the System

For those struggling to secure their desired reservations, Chad offers a strategy he calls “marching.” This involves waiting out the walkers and booking dates behind them as they move forward. While it's more work, this method can help members get the vacation dates they want.

A Heartfelt Farewell

The episode wraps up with a heartfelt farewell, reminding listeners to watch their steps and keep their children safe while exiting. Chad reassures the DVC community that another magical visit will always be on the horizon. He also reiterates that My DVC Points is an unofficial, fan-created podcast that encourages listeners to contact their DVC guide or member services for official information or policies.

Final Thoughts

This episode of the My DVC Points podcast offers a balanced look at reservation walking within the Disney Vacation Club. It identifies the problem, proposes practical solutions, and offers tips for navigating the system. Whether you're a long-time DVC member or new to the community, this episode provides valuable insights into a pressing issue.

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